3 Windows 10 Media Player To Play Incompatible Video Format


Do you know that it is possible to perform an unsupported video format under Windows 10? Although both default software Movies and television and Windows Media Player Windows 10 does not allow us to read all types of video formats that we have in PC.

If you have trouble playing unsupported video formats, you must use a third-party video player or codec or convert the file to a compatible format.

If you do not know if Windows supports your video file format, try it first. Open the Movies & TV or Windows Media Player application and try to open the file. If you get an error, the Format is not supported. You must try one of the methods below.

Supported video formats

The Movies & TV application only supports a few popular formats, such as MOV, AVI, and MP4. Windows Media Player supports several other types of files, but Microsoft seems to be moving users away from its application due to the incompatibility of multiple video formats.

Three software to play incompatible video formats under Windows 10

Since the two native Windows 10 applications do not support all video file formats, the best way to read video files not supported on Windows 10 is to use a third-party video player software.

VLC Media Player

VLC Player Software


I strongly recommend the reader VLC Media Player as the best option for most users of Windows 10. It can read almost all formats of your video and audio files, which makes it a compelling alternative to the default Windows 10 drives.

In any case, already assume that the player VLC Media Player will be able to read your video file locally, the player can also read live streaming such as files .m3u and .tk and even your DVDs. It offers hundreds of different options for better customization of its interface.

Download VLC Media Player


Pot Player Software


The PotPlayer media player is one of the best video players for experienced users. It offers vast customization; the player supports hardware acceleration for high-resolution video and includes a video editor integrated to make your video editing allowing you to edit video files during playback.

The default interface is entirely black, but you can customize it with different themes and built-in color schemes.

Download Pot Player


MVP Player Software


MPV is a dominant alternative video player for Windows 10 users. It is a cross-platform video software, which makes it a good option for Linux, macOS, and Android.

MVP is also portable, which means you can run from a USB flash drive.

Download MVP Player

How to change the default drive of Windows 10

If you want to use a third-party player as the default media player because the default player finds the incompatible video format, you will need to change it in the Windows 10 settings.

How to change the default video player?

From the home screen of your Windows 10, Make right click then click Applications and Features, as shown in the image below.

Windows 10 Player


In the following window, please click Default application, and you will see all the forms used by default, then select your desired application then validate.

Default software Windows 10


In the “Default Applications” menu, click on the existing video player. If installed, the Movies & TV application will probably be the default.

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