How to Activate the Application Drawer on Xiaomi, Redmi and Other Devices

Activate the Application Drawer on Xiaomi, Redmi

Learn how to activate the app drawer on devices that are equipped with MIUI, which are typically devices from Xiaomi, Redmi, and others.

The MIUI is customizing their handsets to Xiaomi, which reflects directly on phones redmi, Poco, and Black Shark.

Of course, not everyone likes how the customization is, especially when starting to install new apps, which are scattered on the homepage, which doesn’t appeal to everyone.

What is an application drawer?

To change that fact, the app drawer exists, it is traditional for most Android devices, but in the case of MIUI, it is an optional feature and is not factory enabled.

What is an application drawer

The app drawer is the menu that shows all the apps installed on your phone, making it easy to find and manage the items that are installed on your phone.

In the image you can see the traditional MIUI, which leaves apps in the side windows of the home screen, and with the app drawer enabled, which centralizes apps in one place.

How to enable the application drawer in MIUI

Fortunately, with MIUI 11 or higher, users have been given the option to enable the app drawer , which will improve usability for many.

Activation is very simple and can be done at any time, check out:

  • Enter settings
  • Then go to the Home screen
  • Now you can select between two options, the regular and the app drawer.
  • The regular one is the traditional system, which puts applications on the home screen and just drags them to the side to find all the installed items.
  • With app drawer is the traditional way of the Android system, the apps are in the drawer and you can easily access the apps, including separating by some categories, alphabetical order, receiving suggestions for frequently used apps and we even have a search to find the items more quickly.
  • Just choose the best way to use it and enjoy the resource.

Additional Options for the Application Drawer in MIUI

With the “With App Drawer” option enabled, users will have additional options to make the feature to their liking.

To access these new options, there are two ways, the first is to go into the app drawer and click on the three lines at the top right of the screen, the second is by going to “Settings > Home screen > App drawer”, check out the extra options of settings:

  • App suggestions

When activated, the first two lines of apps will only be app suggestions for your use, which will change according to the items that are used the most.

  • Manage app categories

Here is the section to select the categories you want to use to more easily find some types of applications.

Users can switch between positions, remove, and even add custom categories for their use, if preferred, it is also possible to turn off the feature entirely.

  • Backgrounds

You can select whether the app drawer will remain light, dark, or the default color the system is using.

At the bottom of the screen, it is still possible to select the level of transparency for the background, the more transparent the more the wallpaper appears on this screen.

  • scrollbar


The scrollbar is quite interesting, by default it has a clean and traditional design, which for some, is more than enough.

But the AZ option allows you to have the letters on the side of the screen, which will easily help you find apps by name, as you just quickly go to the initial letter of the app you’re looking for.

  • Put new apps on the Home screen

By leaving the option enabled, all new apps will also go to the screen, but of course, all are also available in the app drawer.


The app drawer is something very interesting and that MIUI brings as an extra option for consumers, who now don’t need to install other launchers just for this task.

All tips were performed on a Redmi Note 8T with MIUI 12, so some options may be missing either with different names on MIUI 11 or different versions and/or on different Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco, and Black Shark devices.

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