Amazon Music is coming With Free Version For Android and iOS


Earlier this year, Amazon began offering a free level of music streaming, with sponsored advertisements on their Echo devices and other devices that supported Alexa, their personal assistant.

This “new” service gives you access to “best playlists and stations” and is a free experience different from the music selection you get with the association. Amazon Prime, as well as not containing any advertising.

Now the company is starting to make the new Amazon Music free streaming model available to customers on Amazon’s iPhone, iPad, Android, and Fire TV devices. Music fans will be able to listen to thousands of stations based on any music, artist, era, and genre; listen to the top global playlists, â € the company wrote in a blog post.

In addition to being available on new platforms, Amazon is also allowing free streaming through You do not need a Prime subscription, nor a payment method or associated credit card, but you need an Amazon account.

For now, in Portugal and Brazil, only paid versions are still available, as these free advertising versions are still only available in the US, UK, and Germany.

Amazon Music Free arrived in April

The service made its debut last April in conjunction with some company updates (including an apparent truce with Google that lets you get back to YouTube).

Streaming service is defined as the free alternative for people who have an Alexa enabled device but do not have a Prime subscription (and therefore access to Prime Music) or an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, they’re another Spotify competitor.

Amazon says Echo device owners can ask Alexa to access a station, genre or playlist of artists, and the voice assistant will give access to the service. supported by advertisements. Amazon’s free service uses the Prime Music music library, which has about 2 million songs. Amazon Music Unlimited, on the other hand, has a catalog of over 50 million songs, but it is a paid and more expensive service.

The service is a boon for Echo owners without access to paid music services. For Amazon, an ad-supported streaming service linked to its Alexa-enabled devices opens up new revenue opportunities, so we can’t say it’s a no-nonsense offer.

According to February data, Apple Music surpassed Spotify as the leading music streaming service in the United States. In February, Apple Music reached 28 million US subscribers, surpassing Spotify’s 26 million in the same period.

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