Android 10 Update For Asus Zenfone 6 is Officially Released

The new version of the system, Android 10, is now available For Zenfone 6 users, official release began yesterday.

Zenfone 6 was already with Android Q Beta, which is the trial version of Android 10, which thanks to users, the new system is being released to everyone. Upgrading from Android 10 to Zenfone 6 has started to be released yesterday, November 3rd, so it may take a few hours or days to reach out to everyone.

Zenfone 6 update Android 10

The 17.1810.1910.63 version that is bringing Android 10 to users Zenfone 6, being the first official with Google’s new system for the phone and requiring just under 1GB download.

10 Years of Android

Of course, the big news of the update is Android itself 10 reach Zenfone 6, but we know that Asus took advantage and brought important improvements for users to check out:

  • Update for Android 10
  • Support for upgrades using the Google Play store, which ensures more security and privacy.
  • New Android gestures are available
  • Android 10 dark theme support
  • Better management of apps that can access your location
  • Some games have been removed.
  • Updates and settings for APN.

Asus Reminds You Must Back Up Before You Install of the new Android 10 on Zenfone 6, so if you want you can still go back to Android 9, but this will erase your data.

Since Android 10 is a version that was recently released, Asus reveals that not all third-party apps may be compatible with the system, so it’s no wonder if older apps stop running. work out.

Zenfone 6 2019

Android 10 update for Zenfone 6 is being released stages, but the manufacturer reveals that it may take about a week to all receive the news, if the user wants, he can manually check if the new system is already available on your phone.

Remembering that Asus Zenfone 6 is already available in Brazil and the update will also be available for this model.

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