Android 12 Beta 1 is released: It has performance class, better performance and more

Google launched Android 12 Beta 1, which brings performance improvements, a new performance class, more privacy, a renewed look, and more.

This is the first beta version of Android 12, so it is released so that all consumers can test the latest news.

Of course, the system is bringing the features and news that will be in the official version of the system, thus allowing you to test and Google to solve the problems before launch in a few months.

The new interface of Android 12 Beta 1 draws attention

The first novelty of Android 12 Beta 1 appears in the visual, the interface design has been improved and is totally different from previous versions.

As we talked about today, the highlight of Android 12 is the Material You design, which will collect the colors of the wallpaper and apply them to the entire system, which includes buttons, backgrounds, and more.

Of course, the widgets have also been revamped, are more beautiful, and have rounded corners and autofill adapted (they are responsive) for the device in use.

Like the rest of the system, widgets will also take advantage of the color of the wallpaper and present similar tones.

Another improvement is in the indication that the user has reached the end of the content, previously there was a light, now the content is stretched to show that it is the end, this effect happens both vertically and horizontally.

In addition to the visual, the audio is smoother, when an application loses its audio focus, its audio is slowly being downloaded, thus bringing a smoother transition to the application, especially with the use of two applications or more at the same time.

Enhanced performance and lower battery consumption

Android 12 Beta 1 is bringing a better performance in general, the system is faster and more efficient than ever, which generates energy savings, making the battery last longer.

The CPU time required for the main system services has been reduced by 22%, 15% is the reduction in the use of large cores by the system server.

These two improvements make the system faster and more energy-efficient, reflecting a longer battery life and a faster system in tasks such as opening applications, even on devices with low RAM.

Performance class promises an improved experience on more powerful devices

With Android 12 Beta 1 we have an interesting novelty, that of bringing an enhanced experience on the most powerful devices.

The feature is activated on high-performance Android devices, which, when they meet the performance class requirements, gain improvements in many sectors.

Devices supported in the performance class will have the ability to use a more demanding camera, providing multimedia content, codec and coding quality, better screen resolution, and reading performance, all with higher quality.

Privacy brings approximate location and app hibernation

The approximate location is the new way of Android 12 to improve your privacy, if the user wants, the apps will only have an approximate location and never the precise location.

Bluetooth permission no longer requires location, in previous versions of the system, to pair devices, the Bluetooth scan required apps to have access to location, something that is no longer needed in Android 12 Beta 1.

Application hibernation kicks in when the application has not been in use for a long time, these applications will have their permissions revoked, they will not be used in the background, nor will they have access to push notifications, thus freeing the processor and memory for other uses. At the same time, it improves the privacy of users.

Android 12 Beta 1 is now available and will arrive on manufacturers’ devices

The new Android 12 Beta 1 has already started to be released for the Pixel 3 line or higher, but it will also arrive in devices from several manufacturers.

Google says that selected devices from Asus, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, TCL, Transsion, Vivo, Xiaomi, and ZTE will receive the novelty for testing.

To learn more about the phones that will receive the novelty, visit the website Android 12 Beta.

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