Android 12 Beta 3 brings game enhancements, scrolling screenshots and more

Google has unveiled the new test version of the system, Android 12 Beta 3 features game enhancements, scrolling screenshots, intelligent auto-rotate, and more.

The company reveals that the new system comes to present all the APIs that the system will have in its official version.

This means that developers and users will be able to test and enjoy all the new features before release.

Android 12 is optimized for games

Other versions of the system have already brought improvements in this sector, but Android 12 is really optimized for games.

Android 12 is optimized for games

Google announced that Android 12 has a Game Dashboard (Game Dashboard), which allows users to be undisturbed during games (do not disturb mode), have shortcuts to take screenshots, check fps, and more.

But the highlight of the feature is the energy profile, there are three profiles for games, performance is for those who want to use the full power of the device, default is the balance between performance and battery life, finally, we have the battery saving profile, will try to keep the game playable, but using the least amount of energy.

The feature will be available for selected devices, meaning not all Android 12 devices will have the feature available.

Android 12 devices will have the feature available

Another important new feature is that Android 12 lets you play games before the download is finished on the Google Play store, which allows quick access to games even if they haven’t been completely downloaded.

Full Screenshot (scroll screenshot) finally available

Full Screenshot

The full screenshot, or as Google calls it, scrolling screenshot, is finally available on Android 12 Beta 3.

The user will be able to choose which part of the scrolling content he wants to capture, this means that not only what you are in front of the screen will be captured, you will be able to select items that are even at the bottom or top of the screen.

The feature is known on devices from manufacturers, but it is the first time that Android has received the function to be able to take a full-screen capture, which includes items that are scrolling the screen.

Improved search on the device

Android 12 Beta 3 features a search engine, AppSearch, which allows you to find even items that are in your apps (if the developer allows it), and of course, all your files and other items on your device will also be searchable.

More efficient and smarter screen rotation

More efficient and smarter screen rotation

Screen rotation in Android 12 Beta 3 gains more intelligence and is more efficient in its task.

Now automatic screen rotation uses artificial intelligence and the front camera to view your face and find out whether or not it is necessary to rotate the screen at that moment.

The intention is to bring greater convenience to consumers and make the rotation smarter and more efficient when you need it, currently, Pixel 4 or higher smartphones support the novelty.

When capturing your image, it is only used on the device itself and is discarded after use, also never sent to the cloud.


Companion apps have better support to run core functionality and can launch services in the foreground, even in the background.

Businesses will also have access to the feature to turn camera and microphone functionality on or off by apps.

The icons that show that applications are using the device’s camera and microphone have gained an API, so developers need to use the new feature so that no buttons or controls appear on the icons and hinder the use of the application.

Android 12 Beta 3 also brings API Level 31, which is official and should not be changed, developers can work to develop or update their applications for the new system.

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