Artificial intelligence driver for Snapdragon processors to be updated in Google Play store

Qualcomm revealed that Snapdragon processors will have updates for artificial intelligence drives, the process will be done directly on the Google Play store.

Google and Qualcomm got together again, the work together is very interesting for Android, which has been receiving new forms of use and important improvements.

One of these improvements has been happening for a long time, AI is here to stay on the Android system, and little by little, it is being even more optimized for various types of use.

Google Play store will be used to update AI drives on Snapdragon processors

With each new version of Android, more parts of the system are being released to update independently, something that is perfect for everyone, since we do not have to wait for a major update to receive news and improvements in many different sectors.

The most recent and that will affect Android in general, is that the drives responsible for the functioning of artificial intelligence will also be updated directly in the Google Play store.

Known as NNAPI, artificial intelligence drives started to be regularly updated by Qualcomm on its processors.

The release of the new AI drives will be done through the Google Play store and everything will happen in the background, and automatically, so users do not even have to worry, the whole process will be done without intervention.

The updates will be distributed both to the latest Snapdragon processors, as well as to older models.

The new updates arrive to take better advantage of the AI ​​that each processor has, but to correct problems, optimize resources and make other applications even more intelligent, as is the case with Google Maps and Google Assistant, which can have an even more intelligent experience and intuitive for users.

For those who do not know, AI is used in many different tasks, it can make mathematical calculations extremely fast and provide unique solutions for each type of user, on Android, it is used mainly for photos and images, but it is gradually being put to use in different ways.

From the end of this year, updates for AI drives (NNAPI) began to be distributed to all compatible devices.

Not only AI drives will be updated in the Google Play store on the Android system

Android has been dividing into small pieces for a long time, this gives the ability to be updated only where it is needed, and without having to wait for a major system update, something that only happens once a year.

It all started with Project Mainline (Project Mainline), which brought modular updates, that is, each module can be updated without needing anything to be changed in other parts of the system.

This means that we will have updates for GPU drives, to optimize and improve current and old games, just as it already happens on computers.

But the Mainline Project goes further and will even allow you to update the ART of the Android system, which is the Android RunTime, responsible for sending information in the correct language to the processors and other devices of the device.

Now with the AI ​​drive being updated directly in the Google Play store, everyone wins with that, we will have better, greater security and even new features with the new updates.

Via: Qualcomm

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