Black Shark Sends You First in COD With Gaming Thimbles


COD with gaming thimbles

I thought I ‘d seen it all because Xiaomi is about to launch the first smartphone with an under-display camera, but maybe I was wrong. Of gloves gamer for just inches of hands, I have never been seen them. Instead, they exist and Black Shark has launched them to make their gaming devices even more complete and perfect.

In particular Black Shark 3S, the last of the house is the most powerful and with the help of these “thimbles” for the thumbs, it will be impossible to miss a game of Call of Duty Mobile or all the most famous shooter games.

But the more second place to COD: with the Black Shark gamer thumb thimbles it makes you the first in the ranking in all the Play Store shooters

The idea may seem absurd and also how they present themselves after the purchase, but as a gamer, I assure you that such a tool is a godsend for everyone in the sector. And I speak to you as an amateur, let alone a professional. Personal opinions aside, let’s go back to the bomb.

Black Shark presented this product a few days ago which, at the price of 29 yuan only (at the current exchange rate about € 4), will allow you to make the gaming sessions real experiences. Below we leave you the video that shows how gaming thimbles are used.

According to what we read on the Weibo channel (find everything in the source) the material of these gaming thimbles is a mixture of spandex and carbon fiber. Don’t worry about sweating as the company ensures that even in the most intensive sessions and therefore when you are subjected to greater physical stress, the material is highly breathable.

One of the things that stand out about this product is, in addition to the prophylactic-style sachet, also the total absence of seams: this is possible thanks to 12 technological production processes and 18 stitching patterns one on the other. Despite these seams, the thickness of each mini glove is only 0.25mm.

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