BLU Vivo Air LTE V0010UU Official Firmware Flash Files

BLU Vivo Air LTE V0010UU Official Firmware Flash Files

Readme OnceTake a Backup: If you are going to flash the above Firmware on your BLU Vivo Air LTE V0010UU device, then take a backup of important data such as Contacts, Call logsSMS, and other dataas because your personal data will be deleted after flashing the stock firmware.

1- Backup your Call Log – Contacts – Sms – Etc With G Backup

The firmware shared on this page is officially released by the company and helps you to recovery your Phone if you ever got bootloop, software error, update error, hanging,Unknown Baseband, IMEI Null and dead issue.

How To Flash BLU Vivo Air LTE V0010UU Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL):-

Download    Qualcomm QPST. –    Qualcomm Driver –

Download    BLU Vivo Air LTE V0010UU V12 21102015

Download    BLU Vivo Air LTE V0010UU V13 12112015

1. Start The QPST Tool.
2. Make sure your device is charged to at least 30%.
3. Run QFIL tool.
4. Now Browse under the Programmer path to Chose MBN File.
5. As soon as the MBN file is selected, Select Build will automatically select the Update or Stock ROM.
6. Next Go To  Load XML, select rawprogram_unsparse_without_qcn.xml and Select Patch0.xml
7. Turn off the Phone and Attach  it to PC by pressing Vol up & down button.
8. Click on Select Port and choose the port.
9. Click on Download to start flashing.
10. Disconnect device from USB cable once Finish Download appears.
That’s all!

Follow Detailed Instruction BLU Vivo Air LTE V0010UU Flashing With Qualcomm QPST.


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