Can’t update your Apple Watch Series 3? It is not the only one!


Following updates to iOS 14.6 and watchOS 7.5, Apple Watch Series 3 owners who update their devices to a new version of watchOS are asked to unpair and re-pair the Apple Watch from the iPhone during the update process due to space constraints. storage.

The GPS-only version of the Apple Watch Series 3 has only 8 GB of internal storage, limiting the amount of space available for software updates. Apple’s solution to this problem is to clean the Apple Watch Series 3 and start from scratch. from a backup whenever an update is needed.

Before the iOS 14.6 update, Apple Watch Series 3 owners who continually tried to install new versions of watchOS faced the problem of not having enough storage space to download and install the new software.

Rather than requiring users to clean apps and media from their Apple Watches, iOS 14.6 prompts users to go through the extra step of unpairing and re-pairing.


“To install the watchOS update, unpair your Apple Watch and pair it again in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone,” says the notification that Apple Watch Series 3 owners receive.

It is important to note that Apple recommended unpair and re-pair for troubled Apple Watch Series 3 owners before this update, but it now appears to be part of the installation process.

Given the age of the Apple Watch Series 3, the limited storage space, and the extra step to install new software, it is likely that Apple is planning to discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3, probably when new Apple Watch models will be launched later this year.

At the moment, Apple is still selling as a low-cost option, but we don’t recommend buying it instead of a Series 6 or an Apple Watch SE, both with much newer technology.

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