How to use the Chat Bubbles feature in Android 11

Chat Bubbles feature in Android 11

The Android 11 brought a new form of how to display notifications. They are called chat bubbles and work just like chat notifications from Facebook Messenger.

In fact, in Android 10 beta, there was already a suggestion of chat bubbles, but when the final version was released, such information was nowhere to be found. With the arrival of beta version 11, we realized that the chat bubbles feature is here to stay for good.

The bubble dialog feature can be used in any chat application and even email notifications. It is worth mentioning that it also has a quick response function. For example, when you receive a new message on your cell phone, there is no need to open the app, just respond quickly by opening the bubble box.

Enabling the chat bubbles feature in Android 11

This simple guide will help you get back up and running, and as a bonus, you can activate it for other apps like WhatsApp and Slack to get the same experience. If you receive a new notification that supports the feature, you’ll see a circle icon in the lower right corner. Touch it and you will immediately get a chat bubble, easy.

Here is one of the new features that have been added to Android 11. The beta version is now available for installation on some devices. If you have already updated your smartphone and want to test this new feature, see below what to do to enable it.

Enabling the feature:

  1. Go to ” Settings “;
  2. Click on “ Applications and notifications “;
  3. Click on ” See all apps ” if what you want is not in the recent ones;
  4. Select the application you want;
  5. Click on ” Notifications ” and then on ” Bubbles “;
  6. Then choose ” All ” or ” Selected ” conversations;

To disable the feature, repeat the steps above and disable the “Bubble” option.

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