Chrome for Android includes screenshot and editor

While the feature somewhat replicates the ‘Markup’ tool, introduced with Android 11 and updated in Android 12, people will appreciate the option, as screen capture is how everyone saves things they see on the web and in apps. , at the moment.

Last year, Google’s mobile browser introduced a custom sharing menu to replace the system’s default. Chrome for Android now adds a built-in screen capture tool.

When sharing in Chrome for Android – whether, via the floating menu or the address bar, a lower page slides up. Since version 85 in August, Google has reorganized itself so that the page name, URL, and favicon of the current site we are visiting appear at the top. It is then followed by a carousel of apps with a “More” on the right, opening the default Android.

The last line includes actions like Copy link, Send to your devices, QR code, and Print. Some Chrome 91 for Android users are now contacting a “Screenshot” tool. The entire screen, including the Omnibox, is captured with the bottom bar, and this with tools to cut, add text, and draw.

The text UI is very noticeable because the current field features corner shortcuts for cutting, expanding / slanting (drag), and deleting. In the meantime, doodling lets you choose from 18 colors and six-stroke sizes. Undo and redo are available through this tool.

When finished, tap “Next” in the upper right corner and you will see options to share this screenshot, just ´Save to device´ or ´Delete´. This middle option will treat as if we were downloading a file from the web and appears in Chrome in the integrated Downloads manager.

Thus, version 91 of Chrome for Android was now released earlier this week, and the Screenshot tool is in the ‘Share’ menu, has the seal “New”, and is active on various devices verified by the author of the article, but its range of action may vary.

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