How to configure Haylou RT LS05S Smartwatch on mobile

configure Haylou RT LS05S Smartwatch on mobile

Access this tutorial to learn how to connect the Haylou RT LS05S smartwatch with your phone. We know that to synchronize your watch data with your phone, you need to use an app to pair it.

Once connected via Bluetooth, the time zone, date and time, physical activities and monitoring and others, will be quickly synchronized with those of the application installed on the phone. The Haylou Fun app is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store (step-by-step links).

How to connect Haylou RT LS05S to cell phone?

1 – Download and install the Haylou Fun app on your Android or iOS phone.

onnect Haylou RT LS05S to cell phone

2 – Now open the app and tap on the clock icon located above on the right side.

the clock icon

3 – On the next screen, wait for the scan, then select “ Haylou RT“.

Haylou LT

4 – Once this is done, the app will be waiting for confirmation to complete the pairing. Touch the check icon on the Haylou RT LS05S screen to confirm.

Haylou RT LS05S screen to confirm

If you have completed all of the steps above, your Haylou smartwatch is already connected to your smartphone and ready to be used.

Note: You may need to accept pending update installations.

Smartwatch information:

  • The battery charge lasts up to 20 days with the economy mode activated and only 15 days if the heart rate monitoring is activated 24 hours.
  • Message reminder to synchronize messages sent to the cell phone and support reminders of incoming calls, messages, emails, and social networking applications.
  • It has 12 sport modes: Outdoor running, Indoor running, Fast walking, Cycling, Climbing, Spinning, Yoga, Free training, Gymnasiums, Basketball, American football, and Rowing.
  • Motion sensor that captures movements during exercise, steps, distance, and calorie burning.
  • “Search by phone” function to help you find the phone when it is not visible.
  • Automatic sleep and also daily heart rate monitoring.
  • It has the “Sedentary Reminder” feature to keep the body in the best condition.
  • Breathing training to adjust breathing and decrease pressure.
  • “Weather forecast” feature to show information in real-time.
  • Music control to play a song, pause, or switch.
  • It has an IP68 standard which indicates it is resistant to dust and water.