How To Customize Content on Google Discover


Customize Content on Google Discover

Google finds out what you like to read every time you use its tools, and then finds articles to show you in Google Discover, its news section. But do not worry if you recommend news that is not of interest because t u can customize the content you see in your feed.

Customize the content of the Google Discover feed, it’s easy!

Follow these steps to tell Google what you want to see in its news section:

How to choose the topics you want to see in Google Discover?

  • Enter the Google application.
  • Select a news item of interest.
  • Click on the options (it is on the three dots at the bottom right of the article card).
  • Click the Follow button.

That will make the best articles on those topics appear in your feed, and if you later lose interest in those topics, you can remove them from your interest list.

How to remove topics from your Google Discover interest list?

  • Enter the More section (it has three dots and is to the right of the menu).
  • Click on Settings.
  • Select the interests section (it has a magic wand).

There you will see the list of topics that you follow:

  • Click on the blue circle next to the topics of interest. This will eliminate them.

Below you will see the list of topics that Google selected for you based on your Internet activity. You can also remove these themes.

  • Click on the circle with a diagonal line.

This way you will not see articles on topics that are not of interest to you.

Customize Content on Google Discover

How to block a medium in Google Discover?

If you do not want to see news from a website or blog in question, you can make it not appear in your feed.

  • Select a card from the web page you don’t want to read anything from.
  • Open the options panel (remember that it has three dots in the lower right).
  • Press the “Do not show news from” button followed by the name of the media (in the example image you will see the name: “Okdiario”).

From there you can also block topics that you don’t want to see.

  • Click the button “I am not interested” followed by the theme (in the image you will see where it says: “I am not interested in Pinot noir”).

How to make a topic appear more or less in the Google news feed?

If, on the other hand, you want to control the frequency with which certain themes appear, you can also tell Google if you like them more, or less, without removing them from the list.

  • Select a news item of interest.
  • Click on the button that has a circle on a vertical line.

There you will see two options:

  • See more: click on the blue circle.
  • See less: click the red circle.

How to set up Google Discover notifications on your mobile

And remember that, in addition to customized content, you can control Google Discover notifications as you wish.

  • Enter the Settings panel, as we showed you above.
  • Click on the Notifications section.
  • Choose which topics you want to receive alerts about.
  • Turn off notifications you don’t want to receive.

Now that you know how to customize the Google news feed, you will like to see how the Google Discover algorithm works. We hope we have helped you improve your experience with the Google news feed.

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