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Recently, we talked about smartwatches from non-IT by Fossil, which will appeal to lovers of bright accessories and will be a wonderful gift for a friend for the New Year. Now I decided to pay attention to a product closer to my interests and talk about smartwatches from the brand Diesel.


Here, the focus is precisely on the fashion component, so take
Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 It costs either to fans of the brand or to buyers who are looking for stylish and catchy watches with smart functions and understand what they will wear with.

There are several versions to choose from: with dark or light metal, leather or steel straps. We figured that we had already talked about bright creative solutions earlier, so we took quiet version – in a monochrome case with a discreet strap.

By the way, the latter can be easily replaced, Diesel craftsmen use the classic 22 mm mount, so there should be no problems with the choice of accessories. You can choose many classic options that will be appropriate to pair with this watch, or specifically look for something even more extravagant and do Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 center of gravity.

DieselA feature of the watch is a rather large case. Obviously, the model is male and is designed for a medium or large hand. In addition to the thickness of the case and the large frame around the screen, Diesel designers use an interesting design solution – “paws” that seem to hold the protective glass.
This creates an even greater sense of brutal design. Theoretically, metal protrusions serve as additional protection of the screen from damage. But this watch is definitely worth wearing neatly. Since they attract a lot of attention, I would advise preserving their original appearance if possible.

Here, as with cars: the new Land Rover Defender can probably survive serious trials, but it looks best when dust particles are blown off it.Diesel

If you think about what clothes to combine Full Guard 2.5 with, I’m not sure that I would offer things from Diesel. Unless their more expensive Black Gold line would have looked appropriate.

Most likely, things in the military-style (especially a combination of khaki and black) or a loose cut from Off-White or Heron Preston will do.

However, it is not difficult to pick up more democratic and everyday combinations. AllSaints grunge aesthetics or solid volume sweaters and large knit cardigans with skinny black jeans are perfect. Generally, Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 Although demanding to the owner’s wardrobe, they give great freedom for self-expression.


From a technological point of view, everything is on par. The display of this model is quite large, 1.4 inches. It has a very high pixel density, due to which the Diesel branded dials look beautiful, and the information is read comfortably. Viewing angles, brightness margin, contrast – do not raise questions.

There is an option to always turn on the display. This is quite impressive, but you have to pay with autonomy. IN Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 There is protection against water, a mode of tracking training and physical activity.

Google Pay for contactless payment also works without problems, built-in GPS, a player with 4 GB of memory for tracks, Bluetooth for connecting headphones, etc., etc., etc.


The watch works with both Android and iOS. In general, I can recommend them to any smartphone, but it’s worth keeping in mind that there will be small restrictions with iPhones.

iPhone owners cannot respond to notifications and messages directly from the watch and cannot use the Google Assistant for navigation, only receive push notifications from applications running on the phone.


Generally Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 I like. Despite the fact that I’m not a fan of this particular brand and I have only a couple of diesel things, the story with fashion smartwatches definitely looks cool.

Since this is not just a gadget, but a spectacular, interesting and beautiful accessory that goes well with bold stylistic decisions in clothes. And also, in my opinion, it’s very cool when the name of the fashion brand is written on the watch, and not the name of any smartphone manufacturer.

You can buy a watch for 28 990 rubles in the largest Russian store Alltime where, thanks to the work of a team of experts, there is always the latest news at affordable prices.

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