How to download and install watch faces on IWO W26

watch faces on IWO W26

Looking for more watch face options to change the look of your IWO W26 smartwatch? Here you will find a package with 17 watch faces exclusive to the IWO W26 watch. Installation is very simple to do, just follow the instructions of the first and then follow the step by step of the tutorial.

First steps:

  • Activate the phone’s Bluetooth;
  • If the watch is synchronized with another management app, remove or disconnect the pairing;
  • Install the Mediatek SmartDevice app for Android or iOS ;
  • Download the package with the new watch faces ;

Synchronizing the IWO W26 with the application

  1. After completing the installation, open the app and grant any permissions that are requested on the screen.
  2. Now access the top watch menu (swipe down from the home screen), touch the “And activate the BT function, leave it enabled as Power on.
  3. Then, go to the watch’s main menu, touch the ““.
  4. Select ” Search device ” and then tap the ” name ” or ” model ” of the phone you want to synchronize.
  5. When pairing with the “Watch 6 ” requested on the phone, tap “ Ok ” to complete the procedure.

Okay, now the IWO is already properly connected to your phone and ready to install the new watch faces.

Moving files from watch face to application folder

With the IWO already paired, the time has come to download the WT that will then be installed on your IWO W26 smartwatch.

  • After downloading the watch faces package, go to the “ My Files ”> Downloads folder.
  • Select the 3 files (png, vxp, xml) in the folder and tap ” Move ” or ” Copy “.
  • Go back to the ” My Files ” screen, enter the ” app manager ” folder, and then tap ” Move here ” or ” Paste “.

About files: each zipped folder contains three files. The png which is the display of the logo on the phone, the XML is the script to run the watch face and the vxp is where all the data and commands are located.

Installing watch faces on IWO W26

Now that you have moved the files to the application’s WF folder, here’s how to install and change the IWO w26 display.

  • Open the Mediatek app .
  • Touch the “ My Applications “ tab.
  • Look for the WF you want to send to watch.
  • Touch the ” Install ” button on the side.
  • After that, the WF will already be installed on the IWO w26.
  • Now press the clock screen for +/- 2 seconds.
  • Look for the WF you just installed and apply the change.

Repeat the steps to send the other WF to the app and then install them on the watch. After installing your favorite watch faces, you can disconnect your phone from the Mediatek app and sync again with the standard IWO W26 app.

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