Download Sony Mobile Flasher Latest Versions


Sony Mobile Flasher Latest Versions

Sony Mobile Flasher is a small application that allows you to flash the stock firmware on Sony Xperia smartphones and Tablets.

Here on this page, we have managed to share all versions of the Sony Mobile Flasher tool, including the latest and the previous versions.

Features of Sony Mobile Flasher

Flash Stock Firmware:

It allows you to flash the stock firmware on any Sony Xperia Smartphone and Tablets. Launch the Flash Tool > Click on Flash Device Button > Locate the Stock firmware into the tool, and you are ready to flash it in no time.

Unlock Bootloader:

It allows you to unlock the bootloader of any Sony Xperia Smartphone and Tablets. After unlocking the Bootloader, you can easily install any custom recovery or custom ROM on the Device. It also enables you to root the device easily.

Root your Device:

It allows you to root your Sony Xperia Smartphone and Tablets and gain system access by installing the SuperSU application. After rooting the Xperia Device, you can easily install the Custom Recovery or Custom ROM on the device.

Install recovery, busy box, custom kernels:

It allows you to Flash or installs the Stock Recovery, Custom Recovery, Busybox, and Custom Kernels on your Sony Xperia Smartphone and Tablets. After installing the Custom Recovery (TWRP or CWM), you can flash any zip package on the Device.

Extra Features:

It also allows you to customize your Xperia smartphones and tablets by installing the apps found in the custom or apps folder of the flash tool. Besides this, the Flash Tool also comes with the SIN Editor, Yaffs2 Extractor, Elf Extractor, Fileset Decrypt.

Download Sony Mobile Flasher

Sony Flasher is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac users. In case you were searching for the latest version of the Sony Flasher, then use the last link to download the tool on your computer.

v0.9.8.0: Windows

v0.9.12.1: Windows

v0.9.13.0: Windows | Linux

v0.9.14.0: Windows | Linux

v0.9.15.0: Windows | Linux

v0.9.16.0: Windows | Linux

v0.9.16.1: Windows

v0.9.18.3: Windows

v0.9.18.5: Windows | Linux | Mac

v0.9.18.6: Windows | Linux | Mac

v0.9.19.8: Windows | Linux | Mac

v0.9.20.0: Windows | Linux | Mac

v0.9.22.0: Linux

v0.9.22.1: Windows | Mac

v0.9.22.2: Windows | Linux

v0.9.22.3: Windows | Linux

v0.9.23.0: Windows

v0.9.23.1: Windows | Linux | Mac

v0.9.24.1: Windows

v0.9.24.4: Windows | Linux

v0.9.25.0: Windows | Linux | Mac

v0.9.26.0: Windows | Linux | Mac

v0.9.27.0: Windows | Linux | Mac

v0.9.28.0: Windows | Linux | MacLatest

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