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Download SPD Upgrade tool (all versions)

Features of SPD Upgrade tool

Simple Interface:

SPD Upgrade Tool comes with a very simple interface. You can easily load the firmware in the tool and you are ready to flash the firmware on your device.

Flash PAC Firmware:

It allows users to flash PAC firmware on the Android Phone and Feature Phone (basic phones). Simply, add the firmware in the SPD Upgrade and click Start Downloading Button to begin the flashing process.

Flash P5C Firmware:

It allows you to flash .P5C firmware on your device. As we all know that there are very few devices available in the world which use P5C firmware.

Other Options:

It allows you to add multiple languages and configure the LCD (these options will only work when you will set special NV and using file.

Download SPD Upgrade tool (SpreadTrum)

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.6004

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.7001

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.7003

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.7006

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.7007

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.7008

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.8004

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.9001

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.9005

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.9008

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.9009

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R2.9.9015

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R3.0.0001

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R4.0.0001

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R17.0.0001

SpreadTrum Upgrade Tool R19.0.0001 – latest

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