Facebook is preparing a smartwatch for 2022 and it will surprise you!

Facebook is, without a doubt, one of the main companies, thanks largely to Facebook, but also to strategic acquisitions made by the company, such as Instagram or WhatsApp. However, in terms of hardware, it is not exactly a specialist, since what it launched was the result of acquisitions, such as the Oculus virtual reality devices. However, the next product will be a new step for the company and promises to surprise and revolutionize the market.

According to the information, it may not be long before we know more information about the product, as the information points to the launch taking place in the next version. But it won’t be a normal smartwatch. Facebook really wants to surprise the market with an innovative and revolutionary product.

According to a report from The Verge, the watch will allow users to send messages using Facebook services and will also offer health and physical activity features.

Although no official confirmation has come from Facebook so far, as is normal, the information indicated indicates that the smartwatch will come with a screen and two cameras, the difference being that they can also be removed from the watch to facilitate the capture of videos and photos.

The watch will have a camera on the front and one on the back. The front camera is supposedly for video calling, while the full HD rear camera is for capturing photos and videos when unplugged from the watch.

Facebook is also planning to add 4G connectivity to the smartwatch and is currently working with operators to do so, probably adding the eSim functionality that is starting to be common on smartphones and that on watches makes perfect sense. In this way, this information points in the direction that the watch will work independently of the smartphone.

The Verge claims that the company is already working on the second and third generations of the smartwatch. Future versions of the smartwatch act as a key input device for Facebook’s augmented reality glasses, which are also in development. As for Facebook’s first smartwatch, it is expected to launch during the summer of 2022 and could cost around $400.

A Facebook smartwatch should come in three color options: white, black, and gold.

It will be more than a smartwatch

In a way, there were previous tips from Facebook about the smartwatch. Of course, it came “indirectly”. Facebook had earlier this year unveiled research into wrist controls for AR, which would involve a watch-like device that can read muscle actions.

The Verge asked Facebook Director Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Andrew Bosworth, who said on Twitter: “We said we want AR glasses to be really useful – we are investing in technologies that will make this interaction seem more natural and intuitive. This includes research like EMG, adaptive interfaces that can put together in a pulse-based format. “

The general expectation is that Facebook’s smartwatch could be much more than that, with its simultaneous development of AR glasses. If things go as planned by Facebook, it could have one of the most innovative and revolutionary devices of the year.

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