Fossil Q Sport 41 Review – A ssmart Watch For Sport Casual Fans


Review Fossil Q Sport 41

Most “IT” companies have not succeeded in transferring smartwatches from the category of practical and functional gadgets to fashion accessories. If you think about it, only Apple could make your product truly fashionable, but this is clearly not enough for the wearable electronics market.

Many people have Android smartphones, others want a watch exclusively with a round display, the third one just didn’t enter the Apple Watch, it also happens. It is only natural that watch brands could solve this problem. It turned out to be easier for them to pack a technological stuffing in a time-tested or vice versa trend design than for IT people to make their products popular and desirable among mods.

And most importantly, by betting on design, watchmakers were able to produce a large number of models for almost all requests. For example, smartwatches and hybrids are now sold in the categories of “sport”, “design” and “fashion”.

In order not to guess which brands have already launched smartwatches and who cannot offer something worthwhile, we recommend shopping with large dealers who have a good assortment of current models in one place.

For example, the largest in Russia store, whose expert team has been specializing in the selection of both classic and smartwatches for many years. Before the new year, I took as a gift to the girl one of the most striking versions – Fossil sport 41 pink with a silicone strap.

Review Fossil Q Sport 41

Despite the bold color scheme, they will look appropriate both with office classics and with cocktail dresses. The top 3 places where I would expect to see an interlocutor with such a watch are an office, a business lunch, and a theater.

And if you come up with less boring and obvious associations, you can add club parties, sailing, yachting, golf or tennis to the list. In general, Fossil’s patrimony begins with an office smart casual, continues with cocktail dresses and sporting events.

The size of the Fossil case is universal. This watch does not look like a frivolous technological toy, it looks like a useful gadget. On the front side is a large display with a diameter of 1.4 inches. Three keys are located on the right: the upper and lower keys are ordinary buttons, the functionality of which can be selected in the settings, the middle one serves to launch the menu and exit to the main screen of the dial, as well as to scroll through the lists.

The left side of the watch case did not receive functional elements, and on the back, there are sports sensors and magnetic contacts for the “washer” of the charger. The only negative is that the inside of the watch is made of matte black plastic, although the metal would have looked better.

On the other hand, only the owner of the watch will know about it. In addition, with metal on the back, the watch would already risk exceeding the comfort weight limit.

Review Fossil Q Sport 41

By functionality Fossil they do not lose anything to products from technology brands: there is water protection, contactless payment is supported, built-in GPS, 4 GB of memory for applications, data, and music. This watch can be taken not only for devices running Android but also paired with the iPhone.

True, in the second case, you will have to confine yourself to predefined dials (but they are high-quality and with cool detail), there will be no way to install additional applications and download tracks. But in fact, few people need it, and the basic duties of a Fossil Q Explorist smartwatch are handled perfectly regardless of the smartphone platform. They will broadcast notifications of calls, messages, email, instant messengers and other applications, there is a synchronization of calendars, and users will also be able to ask questions to Google Assistant and select dials from dozens of preset ones.

All settings are in the branded app Wear OS. In addition, you can activate the always-on display in it, control the option to turn on the backlight when raising your hands, view information about the battery status, and set goals in Google Fit and monitor your progress.

Review Fossil Q Sport 41

In terms of performance and autonomy, Fossil is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor, 512 MB of RAM and a 4 GB drive. Not flagship by today’s standards, but sufficient for the comfortable use of the gadget. The resolution of the 1.4-inch screen is 454 × 454 pixels, which gives a high pixel density of 327 dpi. This is an excellent indicator of highly detailed any available dials.

The durable Gorilla Glass 4 is responsible for protecting the display from scratches and bumps. Wireless connections – Bluetooth 4. 1, Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS.

Operating time without recharging is a full day, that is, there is little chance of remaining until returning home with the clock turned off. Long workouts with GPS on and sports sensors significantly consume battery power, but for such days it is possible to refuse the always-on display and even switch to maximum energy conservation mode when the gadget works exclusively like a clock.

Review Fossil Q Sport 41

Fossil Q Explorist I personally have left the feeling of a very good, serious and high-quality product. This watch is beautiful, with a bright creative design, will fit well into any wardrobe, and also work well with smartphones on any operating system.

After meeting them, it is easy for me to imagine that a real IT-girl should have in the collection not only several models of mechanical watches but also different versions of wearable electronics.

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