Galaxy A50 and Galaxy Note 10 Line Get Fingerprint Upgrade


Samsung released new update for Galaxy A50 and line Galaxy Note 10 to enhance the fingerprint reader.

With the month of November, Samsung is acting fast and releasing the update with this monthly patch but took advantage and is bringing Other news for the devices.

Now the Galaxy Note 10 line and the Galaxy A50 receive a new system update, fingerprinting has been improved on both devices.

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Galaxy A50

For the Galaxy A50 the big news of the new update is the improvement in the digital sensor algorithm, making it more accurate to unlock the device.

Galaxy A50

After installing the update, Samsung recommends that consumers remove the fingerprints registered on the phone, and add all again, thus ensuring that you are using the new algorithm.

Also new is the arrival of the security patch of November, but also brings bug fixes, improved system stability.

The update has already started shipping for Galaxy A50, it has about 120MB and will be arriving for everyone in the coming days.

Galaxy Note 10

The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ are also being updated to the latest security patch, but also getting news.

We have improvements on the fingerprint sensor, which is now even more optimized, being able to better recognize the user’s fingerprint.

Galaxy Note 10

Another novelty is Bixby, which has been updated and is still more effective in their tasks.

Thanks to the partnership with Microsoft, the Galaxy Note 10 line is gaining greater integration with OneDrive.

What’s new is that the gallery app is now compatible with Microsoft OneDrive, which lets you use the service to back up your photos, and as the Galaxy Note 10 comes with an extra 100GB in service for a limited time, your images can easily be uploaded. stored in the cloud.

The update has already been released, has about 230MB and is being distributed gradually, which means that in the coming days the news will be available to everyone.

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