Galaxy Watch will have three years of support, even with Samsung and Google together on Wear OS

Anyone who owns a Galaxy Watch need not be concerned, accessories will have three years of support in the software.

The revelation comes shortly after Samsung and Google teamed up to create the new Wear OS, which will use part of the Tizen OS on Google’s system.

In order not to upset its current consumers, the manufacturer reveals that support will not be interrupted and that updates will continue as expected for current models.

Galaxy Watch line will have three years of software support

The most current Galaxy Watch is equipped with the Tizen OS, Samsung’s own system, which is even found in several devices, which includes the brand’s televisions.

With the announcement of Wear OS, which showed the cooperation of Samsung and Google, many consumers were concerned about what would happen with their current Galaxy line watches.

Now Samsung makes it clear that they will be updated normally, this will happen up to three years from the date of launch of the accessory, check the words of the manufacturer:

“At Samsung, we always put customers at the center of everything we do. That’s why we are committed to bringing them the best possible smartwatch experiences. For customers who already have Galaxy smartwatches based on the Tizen OS, we continue to provide at least three years of software support after the product’s launch. ”

Tizen OS is integrated with the new Wear OS

Samsung and Google have joined together to unify the best of Tizen Os in Wear OS, which will bring improvements never seen before in the Google system.

The best technologies of Tizen will be in Wear, this means that the devices will consume less battery, will be faster and we will have important improvements in the user experience.

To make the system more interesting for developers, Wear OS is gaining a watch face design editor, improvements to Titles and will feature new tools and better support for application development.

As expected, Samsung will use the system in its new smartwatches but Wear OS (possibly 3.0) still has no official release date, it will only be released this year.

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