Google Contacts allows you to change your profile picture easily

change your profile picture easily

For many people, changing the profile picture of the Android system is not easy, but the new version of the Activated application, which is developed by Google, will make this change easier.

This exchange or placing a photo on the Android system profile is not always simple.

Now, this procedure will be even easier and without having to follow tutorials or anything like that.

The new version of the Google Contact app brings posting or changing the profile picture

Contacts, the Google application, is being updated, the big news is that it brings a quick and simple way to change the photo or add a new one to your profile.

To be able to change or add a new profile picture, you must have version 3.88 or higher installed on your device.

Enter the app, at the top right you will find your photo or the letter of your name, just click on the image.

This action will open a new window, in it, we will have all our phone accounts, just press the camera symbol next to your profile picture or the letter image.

A new page will open, just choose the change option to change the current photo or select remove so that no image is used.

When choosing the option “change”, we will have three options, Google Photos, to access your photos available in the cloud, the second option is to show the photos that are available on your own device, the third and last option is the “Camera”, which allows you to take a picture now and use it in your profile.

Of course, this change in your profile picture will directly reflect on all Google services, not just the Android system.


With the new version of the Contacts application, Google makes it easy to change your profile picture, something that was not very simple before.

The update started being released yesterday, so it should already be available for most people, just update or install the app to enjoy the news.

Download now from the Google Play store:


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