Google launches tool for file sharing on Android


google tool for file sharing on Android

Google announced the arrival of Nearby Share for all devices Android with version 6.0 or higher. The feature allows users of Google’s system to share photos, files, and more information quickly between devices even when they are offline.

Sending files and media will no longer require you to pair devices individually and depend on the app’s compatibility with Bluetooth. Nearby Share, the tool being distributed by Google, chooses the ideal method for sharing files between Android phones and works even offline.

The tool will release new privacy options – where you can choose whether to be visible, visible only to contacts, and hidden. Nearby Share will allow file sharing between cell phones via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, or Wi-Fi point-to-point. Therefore, it is intended for transfers over short distances.

First, cell phones from Samsung and the Google Pixel line will be the first to receive the feature via update – which should be distributed gradually starting today. Later, the other cell phones will receive the tool. Nearby Share will also be available on Chromebooks in the coming months.

To check if the tool is already available to you, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that Bluetooth and location are enabled;
  • Open the settings;
  • Go to Google> Connected Devices> Nearby Share and turn on the tool.

Sharing media and other content through Nearby Share is similar to what we do with any other app: first, access the file or content you want to send, click “Share”, choose “Nearby Share” and select the destination device.

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