Google Maps Allows You To Calibrate Online Positioning


Google Maps trick

So, now when we start Live View, the application asks us to point to buildings, street signs, and around to help Google Maps know where we are. Traditionally moving the phone in the form of ‘8’ works to calibrate the compass and help determine the current location, although it can be a little uncomfortable. So we have this new option.

Google Maps now allows you to calibrate the location using Live View to improve the accuracy of the well-known blue dot of the map application, which marks the current location where the person using this application is. Touching the blue circle will open a new full- screen menu with the option to ‘Calibrate with Live View’ just below the “save parking” option, as you can see in the image below.

Clicking on the new option opens a User Interface used by Live View and now they only have to move the phone towards street signs or buildings, among other landmarks. Thus, Google Maps can accurately calibrate the location. Without a doubt, a little trick that can help.

Live View

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