Google Message receives Telegram and WhatsApp resources


Google is in the habit of continuously improving its applications and services through updates. Although not all changes are for the better.

We can see that the Google Messaging app has been improved recently and users are getting excited about what the next features of this messaging app are.

Previously, we saw a redesigned weather application, Rounded Gboard, inclusion, and withdrawal of resources in Google Photos, next to an almost unexpected update of the application Google Docs for Android smartphones.

Back in Google Messaging, you already have a redesigned emoji pack. The US-based company is now ready to add two new features to this messaging service.

Code found in the APK, from the latest version revealed new features that will certainly help to save time. The new features are – Fixed conversations and Message Label

Fixed conversations

Fixed conversations:

Yes, we will be able to pin a conversation at the top of the contact list, so that we can find it quickly. In addition, it will allow you to pin up to three messages.
Message label:

Message label:

The second feature is starred messages, which differentiate a message from our conversation list. You can find these starred conversations in the search bar and they can be identified with the star icon, which will be placed in the upper right corner.

These two features are already available in other messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Telegram. There is no doubt that they are things that help the user a lot.

At the moment, none of the functions are found in Google Messages, nor has the company made any official comments on the matter.

In case, Google can bring these resources to the messaging application, it gets closer and closer to what other messaging applications already offer.

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