Google Photos launched a new tool to help clean up your photo library

Google Photos launched a new tool to help clean up your photo library

Google Photos has launched a new ‘blurry photos’ tool in its smartphone app to help clean up its photo library, in preparation for the impending shift from free unlimited storage.

The big change in Google Photos policy, which starts next week on June 1, will mean that the cloud storage giant will no longer offer unlimited free storage for “high quality” (or compressed) photos from that date.

But take it easy, any existing ‘high quality’ photos and videos are exempt from the change and do not count towards the free 15 GB storage that comes with a Google account. With the new ‘high-quality photos and the uncompressed ‘Originals’ photos, both counting for storage from June 1st, it is still a good time to clear your account.

Fortunately, Google Photos has provided a new weeding tool to help cut the overgrown reeds in your library.

In a new blog post, Google said, “Today, we are starting to launch a tool in the Photos app to help you easily manage the backed-up photos and videos that count towards your storage quota.”

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How it works

According to Google, the “storage management tool shows photos or videos that you may want to delete – such as blurry photos, screenshots, and large videos – so that you can make the most of your storage.” You can see the tool in action above.

The new tool has not yet been implemented for all devices, but when it does, you will find it by clicking on your account in the upper right corner of the ‘Library’ section and then tapping on ‘Account storage’.

Tap on ‘manage storage’ and you should see new sections, including ‘blurry photos’, which will take you to a grid of snapshots in your collection that shows motion spots or out-of-focus imperfections.

Assuming that this blur was not an artistic decision that went through the head of Google Photos, with a very literal mindset, you can take any unwanted photo and send it straight to the big digital trash can in the sky.

New name

Along with its new photo management tool, Google Photos also announced that it will soon rename its storage level from ‘high quality to ‘Storage Saver’.

This doesn’t change anything on a practical level, but it does make things a little clearer for Google Photos users.

There are still two storage sizes for Google Photos files, but they will now be called ‘Storage Protection’ (compressed to a maximum of 16 MB) and ‘Original’ (unzipped).

And as of June 1, any new files you upload in either format will count towards your 15 GB storage.

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