How to Hard Reset Children’s Multilaser Tablet

Hard Reset Children's Multilaser Tablet

See how to format your Multilaser Avengers Plus children’s tablet, Disney Princesses Plus / Frozen Plus, Mickey Mouse Plus, Monica’s Gang, Blue Chicken, and Kid Pad Lite.

Your Multilaser children’s tablet is locking up, you forgot your security password and it ended up being locked? If this is for one of these reasons, you can use any of the methods below to restore your Multilaser children’s tablet. This process will bring your tablet back to the factory defaults in a few minutes.

Do it before you start:

  • Back up your data manually. Send them to the memory card or save them to a folder on the computer.
  • Make a note of the Google account data linked to the device. If you want to use another account, please remove the current one first.
  • Check if the battery is over 30% charged.

Heads up! This procedure will erase everything from the internal memory of your Multilaser children’s tablet. User data, manually installed apps, music, videos, photos and documents will be deleted.

Method 1: Performing a factory reset using the Multilaser children’s tablet settings

Step 1: Go to the screen where all the applications are located and touch the “ Settings ” or “ Configure ” icon.

Step 2: Scroll the screen and look for the option ” System “, touch it to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Now tap on “ Backup and reset “, located under the option System update.

Step 4: Then tap on “ Original configuration “, which is the last option on this screen.

Step 5: On this screen, carefully observe what will be excluded from your tablet’s internal storage. Remembering that no files on the memory card will be deleted. After being aware of everything, tap on “ RESET TABLET “.

Step 6: On the next screen you will be asked if you want to clear all your personal information, apps, etc. To confirm, touch “ DELETE ALL “.

Method 2: Formatting the Multilaser children’s tablet off + keys + reset button

It is also possible to format the Multilaser children’s tablet using its functional buttons. Done the right way, you will be able to access the Android recovery menu to perform a hard reset.

  1. Turn off the tablet normally and remove the case to facilitate the process.
  2. But first, press and hold the VOL + and VOL- buttons at the same time.
  3. Without releasing these buttons, insert a thin and pointed object (paper clip, toothpick, or Sim Card opening key) into the small hole with the name “ reset ” on the back of the tablet.
  4. When you feel a slight click, remove the object, but keep holding the 2 buttons.
  5. The “ Android ” logo will appear on the screen and when the menu appears, you can release all the buttons.
  6. Now use the VOL- button to go down and select the option “ Wipe data/factory reset “. Then press the On / Off button to confirm.
  7. On the next screen, scroll down with VOL- until you select the option “ Yes – delete all user data ” and confirm again by pressing the On / Off button.
  8. Wait for data formatting to finish.
  9. Back on the home menu screen, select “ Reboot system now ” and then press the button and then press the Power button to confirm and restart the tablet.
  10. Done!

Method 3: Resetting the Multilaser infant tablet off + reset button

See how to reset the Multilaser tablet from the reset button. Follow the steps below to check if your model has this feature.

  1. Connect the tablet to the charger and then look for a small hole with the name ” reset “. You can locate it on the back or side of the tablet.
  2. Then with a thin object insert until you feel a slight click and hold for 15 seconds.
  3. Tablet restored!

Method 4: Hard reset Multilaser infant tablet on + keys

Remember that the safety instructions mentioned above must also be followed in this method.

  1. With the tablet turned on, press the Power button and tap and hold on the option “ Turn off ”.
  2. The ” Reboot to safe mode ” option will appear.
  3. Now press and hold the VOL- and VOL + buttons simultaneously and click ” Ok “.
  4. The tablet will restart, the screen with the logo will appear and will flash once.
  5. Keep pressing until you enter the Android recovery mode screen.
  6. Then select with Vol – the option “ Wipe data/factory reset ” and confirm with the Power button.
  7. Select, “ Yes – delete all user data ” and confirm.
  8. Finally, select, “ Reboot system now ” to restart the tablet.
  9. Reset performed successfully.

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