How To Connect Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Smartwatch Android or iOS phone


connect Xiaomi Haylou LS01 smartwatch

Tutorial to connect or reset the Xiaomi Haylou LS01 smartwatch as the smartphone. Learn how to install and configure the application to manage all Haylou LS01 functions.

The Xiaomi Haylou LS01 smartwatch is a great wearable to monitor and record your daily activities. After you set up and pair the device with the phone, it can count the number of steps after taking a walk or running.

Other important features are monitoring by the sensor located below the clock. With the smartwatch on your wrist, you can check your heart rate or blood pressure, and monitor your sleep. To use all the features and functions of Haylou LS01, just follow the steps in the steps below.

First steps:

  1. Download the Haylou Sport app from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS. Open the Haylou Sport app, click on “ Start to experience ” and tap on “ Agree ” to accept the terms.
  2. On the next screen, log in to your account or create one by clicking on “ Register ” (if you are going to create an account, add the necessary information, tap on “ Confirm ” and wait for the code to be sent by SMS to finish).
  3. On the next screen and already logged into the account, add information regarding your gender, weight, height, date of birth, etc.

Connect Xiaomi Haylou LS01 with cellphone

1 – Turn on the Haylou LS01 smartwatch and check if your phone’s Bluetooth is already activated.

2 – In the app, tap on “ Bind with the device to start a smart sports life ” to start linking the watch with the phone. On the screen to select the smartwatch model, tap on “ Haylou SmartWatch “.

Connect Xiaomi Haylou LS01 with cellphone

3 – Wait for the device to be found, and then touch the clock image to start the connection between the clock and the cell phone ( see figure 2 below ).

4 – 4-digit code will be displayed on the clock screen, enter it in the field indicated to complete the synchronization.

Start experience

5 – To return to the home screen and start using the app’s features, just click on “ Start experience “.

With Haylou connected with the phone, access options to configure activities, and activate other functions, such as the notifications you want to receive on the phone, activate incoming calls, alarms, turn on the screen when turning the clock, control music, location, etc.

How to reset Xiaomi Haylou LS01?

On the watch: Go to ” Settings “> scroll to the end and touch ” Reset “> confirm to reset the smartwatch.

In the app: To delete all data stored on Haylou Sport, go to the settings screen > More functions > tap on Unbind and then confirm.

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