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How to format Moto E6 Play – Hard Reset

Screenshot On Moto e⁶ Play

Forgetting your cell phone password is more common than we think. Keeping your phone locked for this reason is even worse. If this happened to you, in this tutorial we show you all the steps to remove the password lock.

After formatting your Moto E6 Play, it will be unlocked even if you have set a drawing password or PIN. Remember that when you do the first method, all files will be removed from your device and you will not be able to recover them unless you have a saved backup.

We recommend that, before starting any of the processes, carefully read the safety tips below. This will prevent you from losing your files or your phone from being locked.

Security instructions:

  • Check that there is sufficient charge in the battery. It is recommended that the hard reset be done with the battery above 35 percent charge.
  • Make a backup of your personal files. If you want to do it manually, see the steps on this page.
  • If your phone isn’t locked, go to settings and delete your Google account. If you are doing the reset without removing the account, make a note of the account login details associated with your device.

Important! this process erases all internal data on the device, but even so, it will not remove the Google account. The device will be blocked if the user does not know the login of the account currently linked to the phone.

Hard Reset Moto E6 Play

1 – With the device turned off, press and hold the Volume Plus and Power buttons at the same time. Keep pressing the buttons until you see the “ Boot Mode ” screen and when that happens, release the two buttons.

2 – Here, select the “ [Recovery Mode] ” option with Volume Plus and then press Volume Less to confirm.

Hard Reset Moto E6 Play

3 – Wait to exit the Motorola logo screen and enter recovery mode.

4 – Now use the Volume Minus button to go down until selecting the option “ Wipe data/factory reset “, then press the Power button to confirm.

Moto E6 Play Wipe data factory reset

5 – To delete everything from the cell phone’s internal storage, select “ Yes ” and then confirm with Power.

6 – When you return to the home menu screen, just select the “ Reboot system now ” and press Power to confirm.

Your phone has now been restarted to continue the android restoration process. What should you do now? Just wait a few minutes. Then set up your Moto E6 Play following the instructions on the screen.

How to reset the Moto E6 Play

  1. Go to the screen of all applications and click on ” Configure “.
  2. On the next screen, scroll down and select the ” System ” section, and then ” Reset “.
  3. Now tap on “ Restore factory data ” and click on “ RESTORE PHONE “.
  4. Finally, tap “ DELETE ALL ” to remove all data from the phone.

Wait for the device to restart and in a few minutes, the Moto E6 Play will be ready to be configured again.


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