How to hard reset LG K62 – restore it to the original factory settings?

hard reset LG K62

This page contains all instructions for formatting the LG K62 and restoring it to the factory default. There are two ways to carry out the factory reset process, using the buttons to access the recovery menu and another by entering the system configuration.

The LG K62 training procedure will erase all data saved in the internal storage. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and application settings will also be deleted.

Instructions :

  • Make a backup of your personal files. All data on the internal storage will be erased.
  • Before formatting on the cell phone, check that the battery contains more than 40% charge.
  • Remove your Google account from your phone. Before that, write down your email and password so you don’t forget.

Removing Google account from LG K62

Follow the instructions below to remove your Google account from your LG K62 phone. Do this if you are going to sell your LG phone and want to remove the account to connect with another device or to add another device account.

This action can also resolve issues related to account sync, app updates, Play Store errors, or an app that is not syncing with the account.

  • Access the ” Applications ” screen.
  • Touch “ Settings
  • Touch the “ General ” tab and then “ Accounts & Sync ”.
  • Touch the ” Google ” icon.
  • Touch the email for the account you want to delete.
  • Touch the menu above with the 3 dots and select the option “ Remove Account “.
  • Finally, tap “ Ok ” to confirm.

Ready! Your Google account has been removed from the LG K62.

Format LG K62 with the buttons

  1. First, turn off your LG K62 and press the On / Off button and the VOL- button at the same time.
  2. When the LG logo appears on the screen, release only the VOL- button and quickly press it again. Keep pressing the two buttons until you enter the recovery screen.
  3. In the recovery menu, use the VOL- button to select the “ Yes ” option and press the On / Off button to confirm.
  4. On the next screen, again with the VOL- button, select the option “ Yes ” and again press the On / Off button to confirm.

Reset LG K62 via the system

This method restores all device settings and erases the data. Before performing a factory data restore, remember to make a backup of important data stored on the device.

• On the settings screen, touch System > Restore > Restart Restore factory data.

How to reset the LG K62 online

Resetting via your Google account will permanently delete all data on your LG K62, except for data on the memory card.

  1. Go to and log in to the Google account that is linked to the LG K62.
  2. Select your LG K62 phone at the top of the screen.
  3. Then you will receive a notification on the LG K62.
  4. Note that the map next to the menu will show the approximate location of the LG K62.
  5. In the side menu, you will see 3 options ” Play sound “, ” Protect device ” and ” CLEAR DEVICE “.
  6. Touch or click on the option “ CLEAR DEVICE ”.
  7. On the next screen, touch the green button ” CLEAR DEVICE “.
  8. If prompted, log in again to the Google account linked to the LG K62.
  9. Finally, click ” Clear ” to reset the phone.

Note: If you registered a Google Account on the device, you must sign in to the same Google Account after restoring the device.

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