How To Increase Speed Of Internet Connection With Simple Command


We often have Internet connection problems, sometimes slow, sometimes intense interruptions and we may not know what we really have to do to solve the problem and try to speed up the speed of our internet.

In most cases, we are focused on restarting our computer, our router, so we can expect to see a good fast internet connection.

If that does not work and it becomes more usual, we ultimately change the ISP (ISP), just in the hope of finding a good internet provider which provides a faster internet connection. But if you decide to stay, then here are some tips and tricks to speed up the internet thanks to the Windows control guest.

The 3 methods to speed up internet speed using the order guest?

Check the speed of the Internet using the default gateway ping commands
You can check the speed of your Internet connection by pinging your default gateway.

To know your default gateway, you can use the command ipconfig / all. Once you get the IP address of your default gateway, start pinging continuously by typing

ping -t <your default gateway address>.

The value of the time field will tell you how long it takes to get a gateway acknowledgment.

Accelerate Internet Connection Command Guest

A lower time value indicates that your network is faster. However, running many ping requests consumes network bandwidth as well as resources from your default gateway.

Although the size of the data packets for ping is very negligible, you may not notice any change in the speed of the Internet, but it will consume a lot of bandwidth.

1. Use flushdns to speed up the speed of your Internet connection

Our computer keeps a list of the websites and corresponding IP addresses that we have access to most in the DNS resolution cache. Sometimes these data become obsolete after months or weeks.

So, when we empty our DNS resolver cache, we are actually deleting the obsolete data and creating new entries in the DNS resolver cache table.

DNS Flush - Speeding up the Internet Connection

Using this command, you can initially experience a slower connection because of the need for new DNS lookups for each resource. However, you will soon see faster loading of websites into your browser.

2. Speed ​​up the Internet connection with the “netsh int tcp global show »

Type this command in the command prompt window to check if the line ” Automatic adjustment level of the reception window is Normal“.

Automatic level adjustment Windows 10

If this is not the case, please type the following command to reconfigure to Normal

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal

This command below will set your TCP to Normal if this has been disabled by default. TCP is one of the key factors in Internet download speed. Making TCP reception on Normal will surely help you increase the speed of your Internet connection.

3. Speed ​​up the internet speed with the order netsh interface tcp show heuristics

Heuristics Command Guest

That’s good for me, Heuristic is disabled. However, in some cases, you will see that it is enabled. This simply explains that Microsoft tries, in some ways, to limit your internet connection. So, avoid it and to get a faster internet connection, type the command below to disable the settings and confirm by pressing Entrance :

netsh interface tcp set heuristics disabled

That’s all for this tutorial, hoping it will be useful. If you also know other tips for speeding up the Internet connection on Windows, please let us know in the comments section below.

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