How To install MIUI 12 Global Stable – Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

MIUI 12 Global Stable - Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

MIUI 12 is already a reality, and as such, it is coming to Xiaomi devices by the drop. The first batch belongs to high-end devices, in this case, it was the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro’s turn to get the update to MIUI 12.

Little by little, the rest of the devices will receive the new version of the Xiaomi customization layer. It is expected that by early 2021 the transition will be completed in the vast majority of available models of the Asian brand.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro receives MIUI 12 Global Stable, you can now download it to your smartphone

Xiaomi has published the MIUI 12 update for the Mi 10 Pro, which brings new animations, features, and the July 2020 security patch. If you have said a smartphone in your hands, you can now download the OTA and start installing it.

The update, which weighs just under 1 GB with the number MIUI V12.0.1.0.QJAEUXM, based on Android 10, changes the Mi 10 Pro quite a bit. MIUI 12 has new flatter icons, a new font, new smoother animations, and a new quick-change control center accessed by swiping from the upper right corner.

You also get Google’s navigation gestures, the option to add an app drawer, and new live wallpapers, which Xiaomi calls Super Wallpapers. You’ll enjoy a more sophisticated dark mode that can tone down the color and new floating windows are also included.

We cannot forget that privacy in MIUI 12 is really important, a specific section has been added to improve user privacy with certain notifications. Now, the smartphone will notify us that an app is using certain hardware such as the microphone or the camera.

The update is available in Europe, but it may take some time to reach all units. Therefore, be patient as a notification should arrive in a few days, if it has not already done so. But you can also check if you have received the OTA, how?

Enter the device settings and access the About phone section. Now, you will see the System Update section. Once inside, click on Check for updates. You may be lucky to get it, or you may have to wait for it to spread gradually. Do you already enjoy MIUI 12 on your Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro?

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