How to pair and configure MT3 Smartwatch

MT3 Smartwatch

Learn how to pair your MT3 Smartwatch with your phone and configure your app. Access this page and see how to set it up in minutes. The MT3 smartwatch monitors your sleep during the night and your heart rate 24 hours a day. Records your physical activities, analyzing your performance for each modality.

The watch receives SMS notifications, social networking applications make and receives phone calls, etc. These and other data are automatically sent to the application via BlueTooth. However, it must be paired with your phone. Check out all the steps below.

Pairing the MT3 smartwatch with the phone

  1. Turn on your MT3 smartwatch by pressing the upper side button for a few seconds. Then install the “ DiriFit ” app on your “ Android ” or “ iOS “ phone.
  2. Then, check that the Bluetooth function of the phone and the watch are enabled.
  3. Open the app, accept the terms of use by tapping ” I agree “.
  4. On the screen with information about the application, swipe to the last step and touch the “ Immediate inspection ” button.
  5. On the next screen, DiriFit will ask for permission for various features and functions of the phone, tap “ ALLOW ” for all requests.
  6. The activation of the GPS will be requested, if the location is deactivated, click on “ Confirm ” and activate the key of the “ Access to location “ feature.
  7. Go back to the previous screen, click on “ Device ” (located below), and then above, tap on “ ADD DEVICE “.
  8. Wait to find the smartwatch, in the field to select a device, tap on “ MT3 “.
  9. In the pop-up that opens, tap “ Done ” to confirm the pairing between the watch and the phone.
  10. In the next pop-up, click ” Done ” again to be directed to the Bluetooth settings.
  11. Here, tap on “ MT3_Audio ” and activate the desired options> Phone audio, Media audio, and Contacts sharing.

These were all steps to synchronize the MT3 smartwatch with the phone using the DiriFit app. Now see how to configure the app’s features.

Configuring the DiriFit application

Configuring the DiriFit application

Also in the Devices tab, you can view some information about the clock, such as model, MAC number, connection status, and battery. Below the tabs, you have the options to activate notifications, locate the clock, set alarms, reminders, and other available features. Keep reading to learn more about the app.

Enabling Notifications:

  • Go to the section with the same name.
  • Tap “ Confirm ” on the pop-up that appears and activate the “ Diri Fit ” app key to allow access to notifications.
  • In the next pop-up, wait for the 5-second count to finish and then click ” Allow “.
  • Return to the notifications screen and activate the desired apps.

Leaving only those you use most frequently enabled, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

Taking photos remotely:

To take a photo remotely from your watch, perform the following steps:

  • In the app, tap on the “ Shutter ” option and position the phone.
  • Then go to the watch, tap ” Camera “.
  • Touch the camera icon to take the photo.

Configuring the Alarm:

In the “ Alarm clock ” (translation error) section, you can set up to 5 alarms. To do this, activate the key and then tap on to set a time, select the days you want to repeat, and name. To activate, touch “ Save “ above.

Reminders to move:

After activating this feature, you will be reminded every time you remain immobile for a long time (this will depend on how long the reminder is set). Activate the feature key, tap “ Time interval ”, slide to select the time, and click “ Done ” to finish.

Suspend / Do Not Disturb functions:

Activate the “ Suspend ” key so that the watch does not send notifications during your sleep period. Touch the “ Do not disturb ” option, enable the key, and then set a time so that the watch does not receive alerts for notifications.

Quick view:

This feature turns on the watch screen every time the user makes the gesture of raising a pulse. You can customize a time for the function to be active or always activated by leaving the fields by default set to ” 00:00 “.

Watch faces:

In this tab, you will immediately find an editable display and two predefined ones. If you want to view other models, tap on the “ Discover more dials “ section. To change send and change the watch face follow these steps:

  • Touch the desired watch face, click ” Confirm ” and wait for the transfer to complete.

You can also customize your own display using images or photos from the cell phone gallery. do the following:

  • Touch the display below the ” Custom ” section and then ” Edit “.
  • On the edit screen, tap on the image to view the options “ Album ” and “ Take a photo “.
  • Select the image, make adjustments (cut) and confirm to save.
  • Then, select the placement and color of the display widgets (time, date, heart rate, etc.).
  • When you have finished customizing your display, tap ” Save ” above.
  • Then just return to the display screen and send it to the watch.

Adding contacts:

Go to the tab, “ Frequently used contacts ” and check the contacts you want to be notified of when they send a message or call. Once added, it will be possible to make calls to these contacts directly from the watch.

MT3 smartwatch functions

MT3 smartwatch functions

Now let’s learn how to use the main functions of the MT3 watch in your daily life. We will explain how to view notifications from your contacts, make a phone call, change the display, use the buttons, etc.

Watch buttons:

  • Press the upper button for a few seconds to switch on / off or press quickly to switch on, off, or return (when the screen is active).
  • Quickly press the bottom button to open the music player.

Viewing the messages:

  • From the home screen of the watch, swipe from left to right to view notifications.
  • Then swipe from bottom to top to read the other messages.

Making calls:

From the home screen, scroll from bottom to top, tap “ Call ” (phone icon) to display the following alternatives:

  • Tap on “ Contacts ” to view the contacts added to the app.
  • To make any call, tap ” Dial “.
  • To call a contact, tap ” Call “.

Saving music to your watch :

The MT3 watch has 8G of internal memory which makes it possible to send a large amount of music.

  • With the watch ON, connect it to the charger.
  • Plug the other end of the cable into the computer’s USB port.
  • Wait for the computer to recognize the removable clock unit.
  • In the pop-up that opens, click on “ Open the device to view the files ” (folder icon).
  • Open the Music folder, select the songs you want to transfer, and drag or paste into this folder.

To play the songs on your watch, press the bottom button to open the player. Use the play/pause/fast forward and rewind/increase and decrease the volume.