How to pair the OnePlus Band – Easily

pair the OnePlus Band

In this tutorial, you will find all the details to pair, synchronize or connect the OnePlus Band bracelet with your device. The Oneplus smart bracelet can be synchronized with any Android phone or tablet.

Through the Bluetooth connection, it can be paired on the phone through an application. After the synchronization of the bracelet and with its daily use, the tracking of sports activities and physical conditioning will be activated, as well as the monitoring of sleep, heart rate, and blood oxygen. This data will be sent to the application where users will be able to make periodic consultations to monitor their health and physical performance.

Below are all the steps to pair the device with the bracelet and also the link to download the official Oneplus Band fitness bracelet app.

First steps:

  • Check that the bracelet has a sufficient charge in the battery.
  • Activate the “ Bluetooth ” of the device (phone or tablet) to which you want to synchronize with the bracelet.

First Step: pairing the OnePlus Band with a phone or tablet

Step 1: When connecting the OnePlus Band, a message is displayed on the screen requesting the installation of the application. Go to the Play Store to download OnePlus Health on your device. After being directed to the app’s page, click ” Install “.

OnePlus Health

Step 2: After installing the app on your device, open it and tap on the “ Manage ” tab located in the footer on the right side of the screen.

ight side of the screen

Step 3: On the next screen, click on the “ + ” to add the bracelet to the application. The Oneplus Band will be synchronized in the next steps.

ynchronized in the next steps

Step 4: Touch the name of the OnePlus Band to prepare for pairing.

OnePlus Band to prepare for pairing

Step 5: Then on the bracelet, touch the check icon to start pairing. Check the image below.

start pairin

Step 6: In the pop-up that opens, check the box and then click on “ Pair ”.

check the box and then click on

Step 7: Wait for the procedure to finish and then tap “ Continue ” and follow the instructions in the 2nd step below.

 Wait for the procedure to finish

Second Step: enabling notifications and granting permissions to Oneplus Health

Step 1: On the next screen, accept the terms of use by checking the box and then clicking on ” Continue “.

Step 2: Again, tap “ Continue ” to synchronize the phone/tablet data with the bracelet via Bluetooth.

Step 3: Tap “ Allow ” to grant permissions to the Health app to send call logs and contacts to the bracelet.

Step 4: Select “ Allow ” on all pop-ups that open on the screen. The app will ask for the following permissions: access to the contact list, phone call logs, and phone call management.

Step 5: You will now be asked to activate permission on the phone to receive phone notifications on the bracelet. To do this, tap on “ Continue “.

Step 6: On the notification access screen, look for the “ Oneplus Health ” app and activate the key on the direct side. Tap ” Allow ” on the pop-up that opens.

Step 7: Return to the app’s screen, select which wrist will wear the bracelet, select “Left” or “Right”.

Step 8: Now everything is ready for you to use the Oneplus Band. If you have any pending updates, click ” Update ” to download and install.

In the ” Device ” tab you can check information about the battery status of the bracelet and also if it is correctly connected to the phone. Another way to know if the procedure was successful, is to observe on the bracelet if the information of the time zone , date and time , corresponds to that of the smartphone.
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