How to pair Xiaomi Mi Band 6 on mobile

 pair Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 will help you see all the details of your fitness on your smartphone, when paired and connected correctly. The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 offers compatibility for Android and iOS devices. You can use this tutorial to connect the versions of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with your mobile phone.

Once connected with the cell phone, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 also allows you to receive message alerts and notifications of incoming calls. In addition, you can control some of your phone’s features, including playing music directly on the screen of your Mi Band 6.

In this post, we will detail all the steps you need to know to pair your Xiaomi Mi Band 6 bracelet with your cell phone. The fitness bracelet can be connected to your Android phone or iPhone through the Mi Fit app available for free on the Play Store and App Store.

Steps to pair the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 on mobile

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 smart band uses the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection feature to connect to other devices. This means that you can control media playback on your smartphone, TWS headset via Bluetooth connection, and other devices.

If your smartphone is connected with Bluetooth in the car to play an album or a playlist, you can also control the volume, switch between songs directly on the bracelet without pressing any button on your car.

Steps to pair the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 on mobile

Before starting the steps to pair the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with your phone, you need to make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. Pairing can be done via Bluetooth with the  Mi Fit app or Xiaomi Wear, they can be downloaded via Google Play Store, App Store, or by scanning the QR Code from the manual.

Mi Fit:

  1. Depending on which device you use, download the Mi Fit app from the Google Play store or the App Store.
  2. Open the Mi Fit app and log in to your existing account. If you prefer, you can create a new account in the app by selecting the option “ Create an account now “.
  3. When you’re done, you want to choose which device category you want to pair with.
  4. Touch ” Bracelet “. At this point, you need to leave the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 close to your phone for pairing to take place.
  5. Now, the Mi Fit app will ask you to confirm the request to pair the Xiaomi Mi Band 6.
  6. On the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 screen, tap the check icon to confirm the pairing.

On Xiaomi Wear:

  • Install Xiaomi Wear for Android or iOS for iPhone.
  • Open the app, tap the ” Add device ” option.
  • Select Mi Smart Band 6 and follow the instructions on the screen.

Additional settings and information

Once the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is paired with your phone, you will need to allow access to the notification from your phone’s configuration, so you can receive real-time alerts directly on your wristband. If you prefer not to receive these alerts, you can access the Mi Fit or Xiaomi Wear app settings and disable/enable the incoming call notification and activity alerts features.

System compatibility:

Check out all the functions of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and which are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

System compatibility:

Note: the NFC was included in the global version of the bracelet, it is only available in the Chinese version.