How to record the screen on Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 11 and MIUI 12


record the screen on Xiaomi smartphones

In this video guide I will explain how to record the screen of your Xiaomi and Redmi smartphone with MIUI 11 and MIUI 12, to do this I use my Redmi Note 9S which I reviewed a few days ago.

After seeing how to take a screenshot, in this guide we focus on recording the video on the screen. Capturing the video on the screen of the Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones is really simple and is very useful on several occasions.

Thanks to the recording of the screen with audio and voice you can create videos, guides, and tutorials directly on your smartphone and you can quickly share them on social networks or on YouTube.

1st method: using the toggle

The fastest and fastest way to access screen recording is to take advantage of Google. To access Google just swipe from top to bottom on any screen of your smartphone. Once you open this menu you will see a video camera icon with the Record screen item.

Pressing this icon will immediately start the registration phase. When video capture begins, you will see a popup appear on the screen that contains a timer, reports the length of the video, and a stop button that you can use to stop recording.

2nd Method: using the Xiaomi app

Alternatively, you can scroll through the applications on your smartphone. Inside the Tools folder you will find the Record Screen app.

The first step is to click on the icon at the bottom right, this tap brings up a mobile popup that allows us to start recording the screen by pressing the Start button.

Once the recording has started, the popup will be changed and you will see a timer appear, report the length of the video, and a stop button that you can use to stop the recording. Don’t worry about the popup, it won’t be displayed in the video.

Where are the recorded videos saved?

To access your recordings, just open the Record Screen app that you find in the Tools folder, on the first screen you can see and manage all your videos. Alternatively, you can access all your files from the smartphone Gallery.

Settings for video recording with audio and voice

If you use the Record Screen application in the Tools folder you can better manage the settings of your recordings. Open the app and, on the home screen, press on the Settings icon at the top right.

From this menu you can manage a large series of settings and set the recording according to your needs. You can manage resolution, video quality, orientation, sound source, fixed framerate, frame rate, block to interrupt, show touches on the screen, display the navigation keys and go back to record screen.

Tips and tricks to record videos at best on your Xiaomi and Redmi smartphone

Video resolution and quality

When setting the registration settings you need to take into account some aspects, the most important is the resolution.

Try to set a very high resolution, video quality, and frame rate, the weight of the video will be high but its quality will be decidedly higher.

Lock the recording with the Power button

Activate the Block function to stop. This option allows you to block the recording by pressing the Power button on your smartphone. It sounds silly but it will certainly come in handy.

Touch on screen

Thanks to the function that allows you to show the touches on the screen you can decide whether or not to record your touches on the touch screen. If you activate the function you will see small circles appear in the video, these correspond to the taps of your fingers on the screen. This function could be very useful if you make guides, how-tos or tutorials.

Choose the source of the audio

From the settings you can select which audio source should be recorded while you shoot your video. You can choose between 3 options: mute, microphone, and system sounds.

Of course, with the first option there will be no audio. It could be for you if you intend to add background music when using the video.

The microphone allows you to record your voice, it is the perfect choice for guides. While with system sounds all the sounds you would hear using the speaker of your microphone will be added to the video.

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