How to set up GT08 smartwatch

set up GT08 smartwatch

This tutorial will teach you how to set up the GT08 smartwatch on your phone. Steps to pair the GT08 with the BT Notification app or just the phone’s Bluetooth.

After your GT08 smartwatch has the operator’s chip and is paired with the cell phone, you can receive and make calls, view application notifications (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.), manage music and other functions.

First steps:

  • Turn off the clock;
  • Open the bottom cover;
  • Remove the battery carefully;
  • Insert the operator’s chip into the slot;
  • Insert the SD card into the slot;
  • Close the smartwatch;

After these steps, turn on the GT08 and follow the instructions below to synchronize it only via the Bluetooth phone or through the application.

Pairing the GT08 smartwatch with the app

1 – Download and install the application “ BT Notification ” on your phone (scan the QR Code on the screen/box/manual or search on Google). Then, open the app, tap on “ Notification apps “.

Pairing the GT08 smartwatch with the app

2 – On the next screen, a list of the applications you use on your cell phone will be shown. Leave only those you want to receive notifications on your watch checked. Click ” Save ” to finish.


3 – Once this is done, activate the phone’s Bluetooth so that it can find the watch. In the “ Available devices “ list, tap “ GT08 “.

Available devices

4 – Pairing will start. In the pop-up that opens, check the box to allow access to contacts and your call history. Then click on “ Pair ”.

check the box

5 – In the next pop-ups, repeat the same procedure as the previous step. Now go to the clock, tap on ” Menu ” (or swipe 2x to the left)> click on the Bluetooth icon and check if the visibility is ” Enable “.

6 – To finish, go back to the previous screen, touch the other BT icon, touch the name of the phone and click ” Yes “. Again in “ Yes ” to synchronize with the date and time of the cell phone.

Pairing the GT08 smartwatch directly on the phone’s Bluetooth

  1. Activate the phone’s Bluetooth by accessing the settings. Wait to search for the clock.
  2. The GT08 name will be displayed in the list of available devices (DO NOT select from there and do not leave this screen yet).
  3. Go back to the clock, on the home screen tap ” Menu “. Then click on the icon with the Bluetooth symbol.
  4. In the list of options displayed, tap ” My device ” and then tap ” Ok ” to search for the phone you want to connect the watch to (activate it if it is disabled).
  5. On the “Device detected” screen, you will see the cell name and MAC number. Check that the information is correct, then tap ” Pair “.
  6. A pop-up will open on the phone requesting pairing with the smartwatch. Click ” Ok ” to confirm.
  7. Click ” Allow ” on the next pop-up that opens. The GT08 must have access to the contacts and records on the phone.
  8. Return to the watch and tap ” Yes ” to have it synchronize with the date and time on the cell phone.
  9. In the phone’s Bluetooth list, the clock status should appear as “ Connected to call audio and media “.
  10. If you view this information, it means the procedure has been completed.

Here, in this tutorial, you learned two methods for synchronizing your GT08 smartwatch with your phone. We hope that this information has helped you to solve your problem.

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