How to Setup IWO Smartwatch Android or iOS phone


Setup IWO Smartwatch

This tutorial contains all the steps to connectsynchronize, or reset the IWO Smartwatch. IWO Smartwatches are practically an almost perfect replica of the Apple Watch, we think that for this reason, there has been this increase in its popularity.

How to Setup IWO Smartwatch

Today we see that these smart devices are increasingly present, whether in our work, in physical activities, and moments of leisure. Smart braceletswatches, and rings have already conquered a large part of the population.

Less popular than smartphones, most wearables rely on an app to synchronize some functions to send information about all activities.

Not that we can’t use them without being connected through an application. However, some essential functions, such as deeper monitoring of your physical activities or monitoring, will only be capable of their use.

For this reason, we have selected two apps for you to pair the IWO Smartwatch with the phone and, thus, monitor the performance of the exercises, walking, running, heart rate monitoring, and your blood pressure.

First steps:

There are three options for downloading the correct app for managing your watch via your smartphone. This application can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android devices, from the App Store for iOS ( iPhone, iPad, etc. ) or simply scan the QR Code in the product box.

  • Check that the smartwatch battery has sufficient charge.
  • Select one of the links to install the app on your Android Play Store or iOS phone on the App Store. During the process, accept all requested Permissions. Add your personal information (weight, age, gender, etc.).
  • After everything is set up correctly, follow the steps to pair the smartwatch with your phone.

How to connect IWO Smartwatch to Android or iOS phone

In the step by step of the first method, use the “ Fundo Pro ” application to make the connection between your cell phone and the watch. But if you want to pair with the “ Fundo Wear ” app to test your features, follow the steps in method 2.

Method 1:

connect IWO Smartwatch to Android or iOS phone

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and IWO Smartwatch.
  2. To activate the function on the clock, from the home screen, slide the screen until you find the “ Settings ” icon and touch it.
  3. Touch ” BT Settings ” and click ” Connect ” to activate the function.
  4. Return to the second screen, click on the BT icon, and then “ Search for new “.
  5. Wait for it to find the cell phone and in the list of devices, tap your phone model.
  6. code will then be displayed on your cell phone screen to accept pairing.
  7. Touch ” Ok “, ” Pair ” or ” Pair ” to complete the connection.
  8. Then open the Fundo Pro app, click on “ + Add a device “.
  9. Touch “ watch4 ” to start the silver with the application.

Method 2:

For users who were unable to successfully pair using method 1, we recommend another app to make the connection between the watch and cell phone.

  1. Download and install the ” Fundo Wear ” application for Android on the Play Store or App Store for iOS devices.
  2. And follow the steps above from step 2 to complete the procedure.

How to Hard Reset the IWO Smartwatch?

If your Smartwatch 8/8 lite / 12 (compatible for other versions) is experiencing any type of error, use this procedure to restore all settings to factory defaults. After the reset is applied, you can make a new pairing starting from scratch again.

  1. Turn on the watch and press the side button to access the function screen.
  2. Touch ” Settings ” (gear icon), scroll up and select the option ” Restart ” or ” Reset “.
  3. In the two options displayed, tap “ Reset ” or “ Reset ” again to restore the clock to the factory default.
  4. After the watch restarts, it will be restored.

That done, just follow the step-by-step instructions above to pair it with your phone again.

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