How to use Moon Mode on Huawei phone?

How to use Moon Mode on Huawei phone?

If you own a Huawei P30 Pro or Xiaomi Mi 9 you may have heard of Moon Mode. Users of Huawei P30 Pro phones can take a close-up photo of the moon without using a tripod or adapting a lens. with great zoom. Theoretically, the feature works by using the phone’s periscope zoom lenses combined with an AI algorithm to enhance the details of the image that will be obtained.

That is, the cell phone uses the power of AI to detect the Moon and optimize the image brought by the telephoto lens. See below for all the steps to start capturing photos of the moon with this one from your Huawei P30 Pro

How to take pictures of the Moon on the Huawei phone?

You can take pictures of the moon in shapes on your Huawei phone. Using the photo mode where the selection request will be suggested or in the pro mode where you will have to make all the adjustments manually. But for this to work correctly, check first that the “AI” feature is enabled for “AI Master”.

Photo mode:

  1. Open the camera application and select ” Photo Mode “.
  2. Focus the camera on the image of the moon and adjust the zoom to 10x or more.
  3. After centering the image of the moon, it will automatically be recommended that you select the Moon Mode.
  4. After selecting, tap the shutter icon to take the photo.

Important! The automatic recommendation to select the Moon Mode will only occur when the moon is in its full phase and the clouds are not obscuring it. If this happens, you can manually adjust it by touching the display and drag the slider (sun icon) besides to configure it.

Pro Mode:

  1. First, open the camera app on your Huawei phone.
  2. Tap ” Pro ” and aim the camera at the image of the moon.
  3. Adjust the zoom to 10x or more.
  4. Touch the “ ISO ” (light sensitivity) icon and slide the control to a desired lower value. Go testing the values ​​to see which one can get better photos.
  5. Now adjust the shutter speed to about 1/200. To do this, touch the “ S ” icon and make the change.
  6. To compensate for the exposure, touch the “ EV ” icon and drag the slider to the lowest value.
  7. Finally, center the image of the moon and tap the shutter button to finish.

Note: the settings mentioned above in pro mode, may not work precisely depending on several factors. We recommend that you make the necessary adjustments yourself until you obtain the desired effect for your photo.

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