How To Use The Split Screen For Apps in Android 10


Split Screen For Apps in Android 10

In recent versions of the green robot, Google has changed its split-screen functionality between apps. In fact, starting from Android Pie up to the current Android 1 0, the procedure to use this feature has undergone changes.

Here’s how to use it if you own the latest system Android 10 split-screen gesture is a great feature by google pixel phones. So if your split screen not working on Android 10 here is a quick guide to fix it. By using this guide you can activate the android 10 multitasking feature.

On Android 10, unlike previous versions, some features have also been added through swipes, which allow you to quickly access the task manager from which to start the split-screen.

The split-screen also proves particularly ideal in situations where you would like to watch a video and surf the web at the same time, perhaps owning a large display to be exploited in this sense.

How to make use of the split-screen on Android 10

What you need to do to start the split-screen on Android 10 is:

  • Start the first app you want to use on a shared screen, this will not be necessary if you already have the app open;
  • Then access the task manager :


– Scroll up from the navigation bar of Android 10 if you use gestures;
-Do the same thing from the central pill-shaped button, what time did you use 2-button navigation.
– Touch the key for the task manager which time you used classic navigation;

  • Now switch to the app you want to have on the other half of the screen ;
  • Touch the menu with three vertical points in the selector of recent apps or on some devices, press and hold the app icon to activate the mini menu;


  • Then tap the Split screen item  ;
  • You can now select the secondary app from the recent apps menu or choose an app from the home or app drawer;
  • The secondary app will appear in the lower half of the display, while horizontally the apps will be arranged on the left and right half.

How to resize split-screen apps

You can also resize the portion of the screen used by both apps on Android 10 whenever you want :


  • During the split-screen with two applications, touch and hold the black bar located in the center of the two screens to change the size;
  • By dragging the bar to one of the two sides, one of the two apps will go full screen closing the split-screen mode.
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