Huawei Mobile Services receive new update in Europe

The latest update will provide a wide range of useful applications and services in the coming months to users with Huawei smartphones starting with EMUI 8.

Huawei announced a new version of its software Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) for several models of smartphones of the brand in Europe. The latest update will provide a wide range of useful applications and services in the coming months to users with Huawei smartphones starting with EMUI 8.0 and higher across Europe.

This version was designed to maximize security and privacy, providing European users with new features, such as greater accessibility through the new look of Huawei Assistant, a search engine powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Petal Search, and the Huawei Browser which is now even safer and faster. By accepting the update, users will be able to enjoy an even more efficient service and the latest updates and settings in these new applications that will be downloaded and updated directly from Huawei AppGallery.

“This new version available on Huawei Mobile Services is an easy and essential way to enhance users’ security and privacy while giving them access to the latest services that will make their user experience even better. The update offers a new way to experience your smartphone, giving you even more tools when using Huawei applications and services, which will not contribute to a more connected digital life “, said Ana Lorena, Head of Marketing and Retail at Huawei Consumer Business Group Portugal.

Huawei Mobile Services receive new update in Europe 1

Huawei Mobile Services: what changes with the new version

Find out what major users of Huawei applications and services can expect from this new update:

– Huawei Assistant: Huawei Assistant’s new look uses AI technology to provide real-time information and services, giving you immediate access to local news, weather forecasts, schedules, business, and sports results, all with just a simple swipe to the leftmost screen of your smartphone. . AI Search, one of the features that we can find in Huawei Assistant, facilitates the search, offering different results, from results stored on the phone (applications, e-mails, contacts, calendar entries, etc.), to online results (through default browser) or Newsfeed itself. This enhanced version will provide a more customizable experience for users.

– Huawei Browser: The user will have greater control over their browsing experience, including the private mode and blocking of pop-ups, to help ensure safer and faster navigation. This feature also guarantees access to the latest local, regional and international news in real-time on Newsfeed, which now includes new channels, including Video, Podcasts, and Entertainment.

– Game Center: This community provides mobile brand players and other smartphone users to find, play, and share their favorite games, offering, for example, the possibility of screen capture and recording. There is also a non-interference mode, with a window pop-up to receive calls during the game, so that users have the option to interrupt their session or not. It also offers exclusive offers – such as gifts and vouchers – to reward fans for their victories.

– Petal Search: This optimized search engine offers a comprehensive range of search services in more than 20 categories, including news, applications, local services, travel, and shopping offers. With the advanced search functionality powered by AI, users can also get more relevant visual search results.

– Petal Maps: The navigation experience is smoother, with customizable traffic and transport updates, and additional informational map overlays, such as Covid-19 status updates and bus route information. It also offers the Head-Up Display (HUD) functionality, which designs the navigation interface on the car’s windshield for a safer and distraction-free driving experience. In this new version, users have the opportunity to co-create maps, allowing them to personalize and transform a map into an information center and daily community.

Additional applications include the Member Center, which will be full of information, exclusive offers, and tutorials for different Huawei applications and services; Huawei Books, a portable digital library that offers a range of electronic books, audiobooks, magazines, and comics for users to explore and LinkNow, a communication and education services platform that includes functions such as instant communication, video conferencing, documents and services online classes.

This important update will allow users to discover more applications on the Huawei AppGallery, giving them the option to download, update or uninstall services at any time.

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