Instagram allows hiding likes from all users

They have probably started to report some cases. If you pay attention to some publications you will notice that the hiding of likes in the publications on Instagram is already a reality, and is available to all users of this platform.

That is, it is now up to the user to decide whether to keep this information restricted to him or to make it public. It seems like a trivial change, but Instagram bodes well for achieving noble goals with that. This social network specializing in photographs and short videos aims to contribute to the good mental health of users, especially the youngest.

Two years after the first step, in the United States of America, in hiding likes, Instagram is making this feature official and universal. The app will now allow all users to hide their tastes. Although the tool remains optional, users will still need to activate the quantifications of likes in their account settings.

With this update, users can choose to remove the likes counts from their own posts as well as from other users’ posts in their feeds. However, users who choose to hide their tastes in their own photos/videos will still be able to see who interacted with their publications, but it will take a few extra touches to access these statistics.

This new change implemented is something similar to what the original version of Facebook had come to test, which did not give users the option to see likes. With this practice, the company hopes to make likes less likely to affect users’ mental health. In this way, theoretically, the application would eliminate part of the negative pressure that it has suffered associated with its service.

But previous experiences have sparked some controversy among users, and Instagram boss Adam Mosseri recently told The Information that hiding likes were “polarizing” and that he “changed his mind”. At the same time, Instagram and Facebook are still grappling with the question of how social networks, in fact, affect mental health, especially that of younger users. And lawmakers, for their part, questioned the theme of adolescents’ mental health in light of the Instagram plan about children under 13 years of age.

In its latest statement, Instagram says it has plans to fund more external research on its platform, including how Instagram itself affects teenagers and younger users. The company is asking for proposals from researchers and non-profit organizations to “help us better understand the experiences on Instagram that may or may not contribute to the safety and health of our community.”

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