How to install Google Camera on Redmi Note 7


install Google Camera on Redmi Note 7

One of the major strengths of Redmi Note 7 is certainly the camera. It is, in fact, a Samsung ISOCELL 48 MP sensor that should ensure an excellent quality of the shots taken by this smartphone. Currently,

The Xiaomi software adopts a particular Pixel Merging technique that does not allow us to acquire 48 MP photos in automatic mode, limiting the maximum resolution to 12 MP.

However, overcoming this limitation is very simple in itself, as it is enough to switch to Pro mode and choose to shoot in maximum resolution.
Obviously, the most geeks of the Xiaomi world will know that there is an alternative application that allows us, often, to drastically increase the quality of the shots captured by our smartphone.

This application is precisely the Google Camera, the camera app pre-installed on Google devices, which has all those interesting software features that make Google Pixel one of the best Android camera phones.


In the past, in order to install the Google Camera on Xiaomi devices, it was necessary to obtain Root permissions and manually enable the Camera2 APIs, due to a software limitation imposed by Xiaomi.

For some months, however, the company seems to have decided to enable the Camera2 API by default on the newly released devices, a category that obviously includes this Redmi Note 7 as well.

This obviously facilitates the installation of the Google Camera, which is now reduced to the download of a simple APK file and its installation, a really simple procedure that does not require the use of external devices to the smartphone and can be done in any moment.

To install the Google Camera, simply download the APK files from this link, wait for the download to complete and tap on the relevant notification. You will be asked to allow the browser to install third-party applications: confirm by moving the selector to the right and proceed with the installation by clicking on “Install”.

Once installed, it will be sufficient to open it and allow the various permits that will be required to have it ready for use immediately. It is not necessary to change any settings in the settings, as the software seems to be perfectly compatible without requiring any intervention.

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