IPhone insurance: how to protect your phone

You have just spent a little over 1000 euros to acquire the famous high-end model of Apple smartphones. But beware, the iPhone is not resistant to drops, and repairs out of warranty are very expensive. Have you thought about insuring your iPhone against theft, breakage, or loss?

Why insure your iPhone

Have you just bought a new iPhone? The seller likely offered you to take out comprehensive mobile insurance. Maybe you hesitated to take it? After all, you just spent $ 900 or more on an iPhone, so why not spend a few more dollars every month to protect it from theft or breakage.

Many believe that this only happens to others. And yet sometimes a fraction of a second is enough for everything to change. You are walking down the street, your iPhone ringtone is ringing. You try to take it out of your pocket to check the new message, and at this point, your phone slips out of your hand. You watch him helplessly crash onto the sidewalk.

We’re not going to lie to each other, repairing an iPhone is very expensive. You have to spend several hundred euros to change the screen of an iPhone (exactly 311 euros for the latest high-end models). For other repairs (excluding screen and battery) Apple offers packages. It will take 477 euros for iPhone 12 and 381 euros for iPhone 8. Obviously, these prices may change when you read these lines.

With numbers like that, making sure your phone can be a wise move. For a few euros per month, you get protection against drops, oxidation (humidity sensor), and theft. Some insurance companies even offer a replacement telephone in the event of an accident.

How to ensure your iPhone

Before you get started, keep in mind that most cell phone insurance has a deductible. This is the amount remaining payable by the insured (i.e. you) in the event of a claim. Obviously, this amount varies according to the insurers and the type of contract taken out.

Find out about the terms and conditions before signing anything. You should also know that not all insurances cover all damages (exclusion clauses). Awkwardness, misuse, water damage or negligence (a phone that goes under the car) do not benefit from the same compensation.

If your iPhone is recent, repair operations will be more expensive. In the event of a serious breakdown, some insurance companies prefer to provide their customers with a refurbished phone rather than replacing it with a new one. Once again, you have to read the general conditions carefully.

AppleCare +

The American firm Apple offers an insurance product offering 2 years of guarantee. AppleCare + covers accidental damage up to a limit of two incidents per year. To this is added a deductible amounting to 29 euros for damage to the screen and 99 euros for others.

You also get priority access to technical support. But unlike traditional insurance, AppleCare + does not cover loss or theft. It is possible to subscribe to Apple insurance directly from your iPhone.

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Click on General then on Information
  • Select the AppleCare + option

Importantly, you can take out an AppleCare + contract up to 60 days after purchasing your iPhone. Regarding prices, prices vary depending on your phone model. Count all the same more than 200 euros for a high-end iPhone.

The AppleCare + contract can be terminated at any time and without charge. The reimbursement is made in proportion to the duration of the cover. The operation is carried out directly from the iPhone or via the Apple support platform.

Most mobile phone operators also offer insurance. These generally cover loss and theft. The protection levels vary depending on the phone models and the packs offered. Do not hesitate to inquire with your operator.

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