Logitech MX Master 3 Review: An Excellent Mouse Review


Mice are not all the same, and each model can differ like day and night, whether slowing down or greatly improving its computer tasks, is a matter of analyzing what the market has to offer. and how can the best mice benefit you?

Rats usually have a pretty stuffy reputation, but ironically, some of their most demanding users need things to work as well as they can, and they apply that philosophy in every aspect of life.

It is for whom Logitech is targeted with the MX Master 3 mouse that has been designed with an emphasis on comfort and personalization to appeal to software developers, designers and other “creatives”. But it can serve to game as well, making your gaming sessions faster and more productive.

MX Master 3, in particular, raises the bar by turning a simple input device into a multi-functional tool that can dramatically increase productivity. If you use your computer to work, you’re in luck, because this mouse will make your life so easy, so fast and effective that everything becomes.

Design and functionality

MX Master 3 follows MX Master 2s design tips, but make no mistake – under the hood, this mouse is very different. Let’s start with the redesigned tread.

The steel wheel employs what Logitech calls the MagSpeed ​​electromagnetic tread. In layman’s terms, this means that you can switch from the measured scrolling of the line to the page view just by rotating harder, with continuous rolling if you wish. ideal for Excel, eg.

A touch of the wheel can travel 1,000 lines in a second, says Logitech, which should put a smile on the face of coders and those who have worked with a massive amount of data.


The fastest scroll is useful for everything from searching documents from multiple pages to scanning social network feeds. However, it takes a while to get used to it. In this “free spin” mode, the ride is virtually frictionless and silent. Without the tactile click-and-bump feedback on more conventional mice, it looked as though things could get out of hand quickly.

Still, even when an overzealous touch runs across a page, just a touch of the wheel will stop it. And if the movement is too fast, there is a button behind the wheel that you can press to put the mouse in “slow” mode, which puts the movement of the wheel in a more “normal” format, say.


Like your fellow MX Keys, the MX Master 3 can be paired with up to three devices via the Logitech Universal Receiver or Bluetooth dongle. In the latter case, toggles the Easy-Switch button at the bottom of the mouse to a channel to put it in pairing mode, then selects MX Master 3 from the list of available Bluetooth devices on your computer, tablet or telephone.

When multiple devices are paired with the mouse, you can switch between them with the Easy-Switch button for the appropriate channel. Great for multitasking between different devices.


Logitech Options software provides extensive control over MX Master 3 button mappings and other functions.

If you use multiple computers at the same time, you can use MX Master 3 to control them simultaneously using Logitech Flow. All computers need to be on the same network with Logitech Options software installed on each and Flow enabled on it. That done, you can use the mouse on computers simply by dragging the cursor off the edge of one screen to another.

Even better, You can transfer images, text, and even entire folders between computers by copying and pasting them using this Flow method. It even works on operating systems; use it regularly to transfer files between a MacBook Air and an Acer laptop, for example. Incredible!

MX Master 3 still offers many powerful features and makes it a package that looks natural and comfortable no matter what you are doing.

There are more customizable mice, many of them made for gaming, but MX Master 3 gives you what you need to get around most of your day – word processing, document reading – so fast that your eyes are bare can keep track as well as if you need it is also very functional for gaming.

With a little practice, both your gaming and your work will soon be controlled perfectly, much more efficiently and quickly, and can make it a real bad thing. corner.


In addition to being required to enable Logitech Flow, Logitech Options software unlocks a variety of custom MX Master 3 options. Any mouse button can be remapped for other tasks and functions just by selecting them. a graphic image and choosing from a list of options.

The software also offers considerable control over pointer and scroll functionality. You can use these options together to create custom shortcuts for specific apps.

But many people are not inclined to create half a dozen mappings with several different buttons. Knowing this, Logitech has included several predefined profiles for some of the most commonly used apps. When you install Logitech Options software, it scans your computer for these apps and enables mappings for those it finds.

The mappings themselves are quite shrewd. In Photoshop, for example, the horizontal scroll wheel controls the size of the brush; front and rear buttons undo and redo changes, and the main scroll wheel will move an image if you hold it down and move the mouse.

You can, of course, reassign any of these items for some other task, but in virtually all apps, the default mappings are the most intuitive. For example, in Excel, the side wheel will scroll sideways through your database.

Verdict: Logitech MX Master 3

How to improve something that already does exactly what you want? It was with this in mind that the MX became what they are today. Like everything else in life, there is always room for improvement.

Logitech MX Master mice have long been a favorite of productivity hunters who want to read, process and produce as much as possible and as quickly as possible.

This may seem trivial to most people today, but not everyone buys a mouse for the basics. There are those who really need mice to work even faster and more accurately for professional reasons.

Logitech’s latest MX mouse, the MX Master 3 reinforces the series as the main input source for powerful office peripherals. Minor adjustments make using it even easier and more comfortable.

In addition, a new software privilege makes advanced customization more accessible, so even the least bit can optimize your workflow and find your pace. Whether you are a multitasking expert or simply have the workload of one, it is worth investing in this mouse.

You may consider that this mouse is very … For a mouse. But, no doubt, if you are a professional, this price to pay will pay off a lot. Only by using it and realizing what it can do for us in our productivity will you realize that it is worth every penny paid.

There, whoever wants quality has to pay for it, and if you are passionate about gaming or work, you can gradually gather money until you can get this peripheral and soon all your experience in the office will have a real reboot, even allowing you to earn more from your tasks.

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