MIUI 11 has a traditional application drawer


Xiaomi herself revealed that MIUI 11 now has a traditional app drawer, which is excellent for those who don’t like the way traditional of showing the apps.

Apple products have always inspired MIUI; the system no different, so much so that they used even the way to keep their apps on the main screen, drag the screen to the side; this will allow you to view all installed apps. In the middle of this year, MIUI Launcher came to the test with big news, the possibility that consumers can use a drawer for their applications.

Official MIUI 11 with application drawer

The big news now is that MIUI 11 is gaining a traditional Android application drawer that can be turned on and off at any time.

MIUI Launcher application drawer

As we said, MIUI has always bet on leaving applications on the home screen, which many users dislike, so much so that they switch launcher as soon as they buy a phone the default system comes that way.

Android and manufacturers, in general, have always brought the One-touch app drawer to reveal all your apps in one place, which makes it all the more organized and makes it easy to find what are looking for.

Finally, in MIUI 11 customization, users will be able to select how your installed applications will be displayed, free in the home screen, or the traditional app drawer.

MIUI Launcher application drawer

If you choose to leave the application drawer active, it will be very similar to the Android system standard, which shows the apps used and suggested at the top and of course, all your apps in one place.

Official MIUI 11 with app drawer released

Official MIUI 11 with application drawer

Xiaomi reveals that the official MIUI 11 with the new application drawer option is currently being released in China as an upgrade. Still, it appears that it will soon be available in the Global version of the system as well.

When new is available, users will be able to activate the feature by going to Settings, Desktop, Desktop Mode, and selecting whether to go the traditional way or the new application drawer.


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