Motorola One Action in Brazil starts receiving Android 11

Motorola One Action in Brazil starts receiving Android 11

After a long wait, Brazilians begin to receive the Android 11 update on Motorola One Action.

A new update was already promised for the device, but it is only now being released to consumers.

As expected, the device is even better with the new version of the system and the latest features that are ready to use.

Android 11 update arrives at Motorola One Action in Brazil

At the end of 2020, Motorola revealed the list of devices that will be upgraded to Android 11, Motorola One Action was among them, now the manufacturer is delivering on its promise by making the update available to Brazil.

As the Motorola One Action is part of the Android One program in many parts of the world, the new update was something expected by users, the smartphone came with Android 9 Pie on the market, so the new version is its last major update.

Motorola uses Android almost without modifications to the device, so users will be getting the main news from Android 11.

Then you can have access to a new control center that is available with the system, just hold the button to turn off the device, to get quick access to Google Play and control the smart devices in your home.

We have a new low-latency video decode, which will improve the use of streaming applications in general, improving the use of apps like Netflix and xCloud.

Bubble conversations are the news in communication, they allow people to respond quickly, without disturbing the use of the application at the moment.

Users still have the ability to be reminded of a notification later and when they respond, it is possible to use images.

The camera will allow for more efficient blur, sounds and vibrations will be disabled when the camera is in use.

For the recording of videos, the novelty is the possibility of recording without limits, until filling the internal armament of the device.

There is a screen recorder, which allows you to record the screen and the actions that are being performed on your Android, in addition, it is possible to put in the recording, the system sound (of the application or game), and/or the microphone of the device.

Android is safer, the most dangerous permissions (access to camera, microphone, and location) are clearly notified, we have temporary permissions, which will only work at the moment it was given and applications that are used for a long time will have your permissions removed automatically.

We still have support for wireless Android Auto and the arrival of proximity sharing, which allows you to send and receive items from nearby devices, without needing the internet.

The Motorola One Action started to be updated in Brazil, but as the update is being distributed in phases, everyone can take a few days or weeks to access the novelty.

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