One of the best features of the PS5 can now be experienced on the PC for the first time

One of the best features of the PS5 can now be experienced on the PC for the first time if you have Sony’s smart DualSense controller and a copy of Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition.

A recent patch for the game enabled support for tactile feedback and adaptive triggers for the DualSense controller if you are playing in wired mode, which creates resistance when firing weapons and helps add an extra layer of immersion for players to enjoy. O Twitter user mrdomino_ shared a video (which you can see below) of the DualSense controller in action, which shows how adaptive triggers react when firing a weapon in the game.

Adaptive DualSense triggers are arguably one of the most attractive aspects of the PS5, with games like Astro’s Playroom showing with great effect how attractive the DualSense PS5 can be when fully used.

The tactile feedback from the controller is also a fantastic addition to Sony’s new pad and convincingly mimics the rainy feeling in Returnal.

Support for the PS5 DualSense controller was added to Steam in November 2020 but has been quite limited so far.

While it is not yet known how many PC developers will take the time to add native support for the PS5 controller, we hope that more games will add an adaptive trigger and tactile feedback functionality as it is still so satisfying to try, even six months after the PS5 Release.


More PlayStation games have hit the PC in recent months, with Days Gone as Sony’s latest exclusive to get a full version.

However, while we’re not surprised to see more PS4 games making the transition, it remains to be seen whether PS5 games like Demon’s Souls or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will receive the same treatment.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what news these games will bring to their users. But we will definitely be here to spread any news that is related to the subject.

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