OnePlus Nord N10 starts updating to Android 11

OnePlus Nord N10 starts updating to Android 11

OnePlus is releasing the Android 11 update for the OnePlus Nord N10, it’s the simplest model that is available in the world market.

OnePlus Nord N10 is the manufacturer’s most modest 5G device, but it turns out to be interesting for its value and its hardware in general.

Now the device is a little better, as the new version of the system is bringing known improvements from the company’s top-of-the-line models.

Android 11 update starts to be released for the OnePlus Nord N10

Interestingly, the update is being released by a North American operator and not for devices that are sold by OnePlus itself and not linked to other operators.

Android 11 update starts to be released for the OnePlus Nord N10

Users who have the OnePlus Nord N10 from the MetroPCS operator are already receiving the update that brings Android 11 to the device.

As we know, the OnePlus Nord N10 will only have one major system update, it is Android 11 itself, which is being released now.

So this Android 11 update is the first and last major update for the smartphone.

Of course, the Android system is bringing many improvements and new features for users, but the manufacturer didn’t reveal further details, so it’s expected that it will gain the same features as the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus Nord .

The big highlight is the OxygenOS 11 customization, which is the latest and completely changes the look that users will have.

As we said, OxygenOS 11 brings a similar look to the Samsung One UI, which leaves the bottom of the screen for the important items, and the top for items that don’t need touches.

Customization also brings improvements to the night mode, which can be turned off and on automatically, with custom time depending on the sunrise or sunset and even activated in quick settings.

We have improvements in the gallery, which has history, stories, and faster loading of content.

Finally, the device should get a new widget to show the weather and new clocks and styles for the always-on screen.

As revealed, Android 11 for the OnePlus Nord is being released in North America by operator MetroPCS, and should soon be released to everyone.

OnePlus has already made it clear that the OnePlus Nord N10 will only have Android 11 as the only major system update, but OnePlus has also revealed that the device will be updated for three years with security patches.

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